It’s that time again!  Remember Holiday Secret Giftapalooza? It’s back!

Today we’re posting to let you know all the amazing things we’ve planned for you this year.  Sign ups will begin on Thursday November 1 at 9:00 am Eastern (Toronto/New York time)

The basics are the same:

1) Throw your Name into the e-Hat by choosing a package, extras & shipping preference you wish to Send. This means that someone will get this Gift courtesy of You, and that someone else will be sending you a gift of equal value & options in their name.
Deadline: December 1, or when all spaces are filled.

2) Paypal does its thing and you click Return to Indigodragonfly Designs when it’s done.  Trust us.  You don’t want to miss that step.

3) We mail it out by December 1, in time to (postal gods willing!) reach you by your chosen holiday celebration.

4) Sit by the mail box in eager anticipation. (Please Note: Be eager, but not too eager. Do not scare your Postal Employee, and um, you may want to wait until AFTER we mail packages in early December. Nobody likes a post-Hallowe’en ankle-grabber.)

What’s New!

More patterns!
Every package will receive an ebook, delivered to your Ravelry library with 4 patterns.
A) Knit: graphic, 2-colour, garter stitch shawl
B) Knit: lace shawlette/shawl with options for 1 or 2 skein version (1 colour)
C) Knit: mittens with elegant cabled details (full hand and fingerless versions)
D) Crochet: 1 or 2 colour scarf/shawl.  Size and colour play are both adjustable.

More yarn bases!
Choose from 3 yarn bases: Merino Sock, Merino Silk 4-ply Sock and a brand new base we’re calling Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Sock!  Colourways will still be one-of-a-kind, non-repeatable ones, not available anywhere else.
Merino Sock: 100% superwash merino, 2 ply, 390 yds/100 g
Merino Silk 4-ply Sock: 50% superwash merino/50% silk, 4 ply, 340 yds/100 g
Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Sock (RPSL): 80% superwash, superfine merino/10% cashmere/10% nylon, 3 ply, 400 yds/100 g

You want to know more about the RPSL Sock, don’t you?  Cause it sounds a lot like MCN Sock…but it’s not! This yarn was designed and spun especially for us.  It’s woolen spun, giving it loft and lightness that combined with the superfine merino and cashmere, is like knitting a cloud. Scarves and cowls float around your neck.  Sweaters snuggle around you.  It’s completely different than our other yarns.  And as you wash it, the merino and cashmere will combine to become softer and softer, creating a halo of warmth around you. It’s my new favourite yarn.

Nut Free: for those who need a nut free option, please email us directly at orders AT  We have a limited amount of Sea Cell Silk that would be an excellent alternative for these patterns.

More skeins!
This year, you’ll have the option of adding more skeins to your package, in any of the 3 options.  We’ll offer “same colour” (suitable for patterns B & D) and “contrasting colour” (suitable for patterns A & D) options.

More interaction!
Quite possibly our favourite part of last year’s exchange was getting the metric tonne of notes, pictures, favourite recipes, patterns and other fun pieces to include in each package.  It really let us know how much of a community we have here. This year we look forward to more of the same, but with a twist: when you sign up for Giftapalooza, you agree to allow us to share your first name, your email address and your Ravelry name with your Giftapalooza partner.  This will allow you to exchange messages and other fun with your partner all through the madness of the holiday season.

So there’s your sneak peek. 🙂  Meet us back here on Thursday at 9 am to sign up!

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