Knit City

Whew! It’s been a whirlwind of a month! Time to catch you up on where we’ve been.

A couple of weeks ago, Ron and I headed out to Knit City in Vancouver. So. Much. Fun. (You know, after the teeny tiny plane troubles that involved, according to our flight attendant, a door to the plane that wouldn’t shut)

Highlight of opening night was Kim Werker’s talk about crochet. Holy contagious energy! Here’s Kim’s best Godzilla impression…


Just kidding. Kim gave us lots of food for thought. Sometimes it’s not one technique over the other, but looking at the fibre arts technique that gives us the effect (i.e.: fabric) we want in the most efficient and beautiful way possible.

Lots of vendors in the marketplace:

Krista from Rain City Knits in rainboots I covet.


Heidi from Quo Vadis was our neighbour again (we were booth neighbours at Sock Summit as well!)


Tina and Lesley from Pollika


And these amazing hand felted masks from SoulFibre were right across from us. 20121029-151533.jpg

We met some of our customers for the first time, like Janet with her Caulfield in progress:


And Marjorie and May with yarn they’ve chosen to knit Spatial Distortion.


But the heart and soul of Knit City are its hostesses, Fiona


…and Amanda.


Congratulations on an event well done my friends!!  See you next year.


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