5 minutes in Norah Gaughan’s brain

After 2 false starts (did I mention swatches: not so forthcoming with the good information?? ) that included 2 changes in needles, the Tilted Duster is moving along nicely. Between last Wednesday and Saturday, I managed to finish both sleeves and both front pieces, leaving me completely baffled as to why on earth the back took almost 3 weeks.

The top pieces, basking in the sunlight…

I HATE seaming and try to get through it as quickly as possible. But I love to knit. I love to wear handmade clothes that are well made. Since the quick finishing method usually leaves me with tight bumpy seams and garments I resist wearing because I know where every error is, I’ve decided an attitude adjustment is in order. And so I sat down Sunday afternoon to sew together the bodice and sleeves of the Duster and really got into it. Trying to find the exact right tension for every stitch. Aligning every angle. Zen-seaming. And I loved the process (which makes me love this sweater even more).

Love the slightly angled curve of the sleeve.

And then on to the skirt:

With this brilliant shaping:

Ok, you can’t see the full effect, but the way she’s shaped the skirt is so simple yet so perfect. A plain stockinette wedge pushes sections of rib away from each other. Sharp angles creating a soft silouette. I want 5 minutes in Norah Gaughan’s brain.

So…2 repeats of the pattern left and it’s on to the home stretch: the collar. To button or not to button? Or maybe a shawl pin as closure…


3 thoughts on “5 minutes in Norah Gaughan’s brain

  1. Do you? Really? I have to live there all the time and I don’t understand how it works, or how to make it work the way I want it to…

  2. I can’t wait to see it done. It’s one of those patterns I can’t quite decide if I love or loathe so I’m looking forward to seeing yours in person. I love the colour.

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