Move along…nothing to see here…I mean it…


5:30 pm — New yarn arrives for the Tilted Duster. Yay!

5:45 — Pull out needles to swatch. Pattern calls for 6 mm, yarn calls for 5.5 mm…I’m usually a loose knitter, so decide to start with 5.5 mm.

6:00 — Rip out swatch, find smaller needles. Resume swatching.

6:15 — Rip out swatch, find MUCH smaller needles. Resume swatching.

6:45 — Measure. Five times. With 5 different rulers, measuring tapes, my own thumb (the top section is EXACTLY 1″….I know this because I measured it for school…in grade 3…the day before they took away our “inches” rulers and replaced them with metric ones…so I KNOW this system works….)

7:00 — Measure every knitting needle in the house, determined that they can’t possibly be the size they say they are in little tiny numbers on the side.

7:30 — They are. Never mind.

8:00 — Abandon swatching in favour of sanity. Stop laughing.

midnight — Brainwave! New needles WILL. fix. everything.


Shop for new needles very carefully in a very VERY hot yarn store. Pick up the wrong size cord, thankfully discovering this while in line….go back to rack pick up right size cord.

Repeat 3 times.

Go home. Pull needles out of bag. Stretch out cord which stops with my hands about 4″ apart…. say very unladylike things.


Yarn store visit #2. Even hotter. The facts that Alanis and I are from the same country, and that I am rushing to knit with WOOL in unbreathable heat collide in my thoughts as being definitely her kind of ironic. What occured next is banned at that particular yarn store, so we will not speak of it. I could tell you, but would then need to kill you…likely with a nice long circular needle cord.


Very careful swatching…using the size needle I started with. Beautiful swatch. The swatch to end all swatches. It fulfils all my hopes and dreams for this sweater. It passes all the tests and trials.


If a knitter knits at work and her boss is on vacation and didn’t leave her any work to do, did it really happen? My thoughts exactly!

1:00 pm — Cast on! Woo hoo!

2:30 — Sizeable amount of knitting done. Thread yarn through stitches to check fit. Back of sweater wraps all the way around my not-so-small chest and overlaps in front, with the armholes acting as a kind of warped, wrap-around bra.

You have ALL told me this.

There is no truth in swatch-town.


3 thoughts on “Move along…nothing to see here…I mean it…

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