We’ve Moved…

We’ve moved to a new website with a full service shop!

Please update your links:

Blog: http://www.indigodragonfly.ca/blog/

Website: http://www.indigodragonfly.ca

Shop: http://www.indigodragonfly.ca/shop/

What’s currently listed on the new Shop page is up to date, with new items to be added in the following weeks!

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One thought on “We’ve Moved…

  1. There was a half-skein of merino sock yarn in my tote bag from Clara Parkes at last week’s Knitter’s Review Retreat. The yarn is black with subtle tones of green that I can see in natural light. I tried to find more of it at indogodragonfly.ca, but the color wasn’t among the “sorry, out of stock” colors listed. Is it available anywhere? I have a coupon for “25% off all yarn in our shop”, but the shop that came up from your internet address is not indigodragonfly although it carries a small number of your yarns. There were about six or seven color choices and all were out of stock. Do you have a web address update?

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