The Stained Fingers Club

Last summer, I taught a week-long dyeing and design workshop at a local art college.

And we did stuff like this:


Which led to some really amazing and individualized experiments in colour:


This summer, we’ll be running the class at our home studio.  More space.  Access to all the equipment we need.  Individualized instruction, focused on dyeing techniques for yarn and fabric. Chipmunk minions to harass us for sunflower seeds help us hang things to dry…

But most of all?  More freedom to experiment and play with yarn and fabric and colour.  To try all the ideas that come into your brain, with a safety net.

Want to join us?

Stained Fingers Dye Camp (Dyeing Class for all levels and experiences)

Click here to apply

* 4 day course, starting with basic dyeing techniques, and allowing for lots of playing and experimentation. Learn how to mix colours and repeat results. Learn a variety of dyeing techniques including kettle dyeing, hand painting, ombre dyeing, dyeing gradations and more.
* maximum 8 students per course, with very individual instruction and direction. (so if 4 people want to work on entirely different ideas? It can be done)
*This course is equivalent to private lessons, with lots of one-on-one instruction

Where:  our home studio in Haliburton ON

When:  July 22-25 and August 12-15, 2013 10 am – 4 pm every day
Cost: $375 + HST

– payment may be made in full at the time of confirmation of your registration, or may be made in 4 monthly instalments. A 10% admin fee will be added for monthly instalments (more paperwork!).

Material fee:  Material costs and options will be provided before you commit.
Yarn may be purchased from us or you may choose to bring your own.
Dye materials will be provided.  You will be given the option of purchasing your own dyes or sharing a class supply.

Travel and accommodation will be your responsibility. There are B&B’s, motels, a bigger hotel and some small cottage resorts/rental cottages, etc. We may even be able to help you find a cottage or house to rent/share with other students, just let us know you’re interested in this when you apply.


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