Yarn Economics 101

I bring you Yarn Economics 101, brought to you by hunger, exhaustion, yarn fumes and the giddiness that comes from knowing that a woman named Buffy has made it her calling in life to ensure our boxes get to Sock Summit safely and on time.

The full picture:

Pay full attention:

The boxes of yarn start in Haliburton (you can tell, because of the trees…and the rocks…cause no one else ANYWHERE has trees or rocks, right?) and goes towards Seattle, making a sharp turn toward Portland.

(I do not know why the International visual symbol of Portland is a tugboat. I’ve learned when I ask these things, a colourway loses its depth)

To Sock Summit:

(You can tell where the Convention Centre is…it will have socks on top of it)

There, the knitters will gobble up the yarn and make scarves for unappreciative relatives.

Who will throw them up into a tree. With a cat. Who will need to be rescued by the local fire department. Who will drive past a sheep spontaneously leaving fully leaving skeins of fully intact, freshly spun wool behind. (I’ve been assured that is wool, and not poop. In it’s defense, it is blue)

Which will fly itself to Canada to be mailed out to all the friendly knitters around the world.

(Some of you may have been specifically named, but smooshed under the plate of quesadilla. Sorry.)

The End.


Last Day to Sign Up!

It’s Sunday March 14 — the last day to sign up for the Smart-Ass Knitters/World Domination 1 Skein Club!

I hope you’ll join us.

For full information, click here.

For currently available yarn, click here and here.

Sign Ups Are Open!

Sign up for the Smart-Ass Knitter World Domination 1 Skein Club (Click Link for FAQ).

Packages will contain the following items, made exclusively for this club:

– 1 Skein of luxury, hand dyed yarn
– 1 Pattern for that yarn
– Artisan-made swag

There are 6 month (3 packages, 6 monthly payments) and 1 year (6 packages, 12 payments – includes 1 shipment of 100% cashmere) options.  Packages will be mailed from Canada on June 15, August 15 and October 15, 2o10 for the 6 month club, and June 15, August 15, October 15, December 15, 2010, February 15 and April 15, 2011 for the 1 year club.

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6 months, 3 packages – $24 per month for 6 months (US funds for US addresses, CDN funds for CDN addresses)

1 year, 6 packages – $26 per month for 12 months (US funds for US addresses, CDN funds for CDN addresses)

All prices include shipping.

International Subscribers: International subscribers are absolutely welcome!  Please email me at indigodragonfly.kATgmailDOTcom so that I can give you an accurate quote for monthly payments based on actual shipping costs from Canada to your country.

Haliburton and Lettuce Knit Night customers: Email me, and I will set up a subscription for you minus shipping costs.

If you want to pay for your full subscription in one payment: Email me at indigodragonfly.kATgmailDOTcom and I will send you an invoice.

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Subscribing to this club means that you agree to monthly payments through Pay Pal for the duration of the club.  If a payment does not go through, we will make 1 attempt to contact you.  If payment can not be resolved at that point, we will cancel your participation in the club and no refund will be made.  If you discover an issue with your Pay Pal account, please contact us and we will work with you to resolve your account with us.

The Yarn is Coming! The Yarn is Coming!

After 2 months of waiting, I’ve just been informed that my supplier is sending out a large order of Merino/Cashmere/Nylon yarn in sock, sport and worsted weights.  I’m assuming this means they found the cashmere goats.  With that in mind, I expect the next update to be in early January.  Any colour requests?

As an apology for the wait, we’ve extended the deadline for all discount codes issued this fall at various events to February 18, 2010.  Plenty of time for Valentine’s Day gifts…or the “lack of Valentine’s” hangover.

Gift Certificates

Looking for a last minute Christmas gift suggestions?  Indigodragonfly now offers Gift Certificates in any denomination.  Available as an electronic (printable) file emailed directly to you, or as a gift card.  Email us at indigodragonfly.k@gmail.com for more information.


Oh, and did I mention we have patterns available for sale?  🙂   Right over there –>>

Ron and I have a little bit of a competition going:  which will sell better, the new cowl or the crazy mitts?  Stay tuned…

Are you sitting down? Sedated? Good…let’s begin…

I had visions of dragging out this saga over several blog posts…a photo by photo, day by day serial, if you will.  But in the interest of keeping Mel from becoming an 8:45 am alcoholic, Tracey from causing an international incident at the border, and Leslie from calling the Sweater’s Aid Society on me…well, just watch and see.

First let me say this is all the Techknitter‘s fault.  Do you know of Techknitter?  LOVE the Techknitting blog. It’s made my left leaning decreases oh so Beauuuutiful now, instead of all lumpy and bumpy.  And just when I thought I’d have to live with the way too long Susie-sleeves, well along came a Ravelry link to the Techknitter’s article on SHORTENING too long knitting (or lengthening, which I’m sure is important to someone out there…just never one of my problems)!   

So we were here:

Which led to this:

And this:

(notice the important live stitches all safe and accounted for…Leslie, take your finger OFF speed dial)

Then it was time to unravel the extra length down to the cuff.  (Dude, I seriously over estimated how long my arms are!  There was about 4 inches of unnecessary knitting there!)

Because the cuff is knit sideways and the sleeve knitted up from the cuff, there were no live stitches to worry about on the cuff side.  All that was left was to stitch the cuff to the live stitches.  I tried a few things (3 needle bind off, stitch to stitch sewing, mattress stitch) before deciding on a modification of kitchener grafting which left a nice flat seam.

See?  All better! 

(Susie thanks you all for your notes of concern and assures you that she is quite attached to indigodragonfly…thanks in part to the unraveled yarn that keeps them tied together.