The Yarn of Your People: Part 2

Last month our friends at Shall We Knit hosted a wedding shower/fundraiser for the indigodragonfly Studio  as part of their Worldwide Knit in Public festivities. As part of that event, we auctioned off naming and colour design rights and dyed their yarn at the event.  

Rocky Mountain High

Ronni’s yarn came next. Now, it’s important to note that not only were we dyeing yarn for a good friend, but um, she and her family came all the way from California to watch.

No pressure.

For Ronni Ron went for deep and dark greys with dusky purple and blue-violet casts to commemorate childhood memories of the Rocky Mountains.

When I was a child of single digit years we lived in Colorado and Wyoming. My parents liked the mountains and my mom had a mania for not staying home on the weekend and for going out and doing things but there’s not a lot to do there so we used to go up to them from the high plains part of the state where we lived nearly every weekend when the weather was good. I however, had terrible trouble with my eustachian tubes and my ears not popping easily so every weekend I would be sitting in the back seat in tears from the pain of the differential pressure until they popped. I had to keep my tears silent though because it wasn’t nice to ruin mom’s outing by fussing. So I chewed a lot of gum (which my mum otherwise refused to let me have because chewing gum was a “nasty” habit) and suffered. And it is certainly true that when they finally did pop once we were at whatever altitude we were stopping at for the day I enjoyed the mountains as much as the next person. Yet, now that I am a mommy I can’t imagine making my kid go through that. I’d have found a baby sitter and left her at home or something. But I am glad I did get to go in some ways because it was beautiful there.

Layers and layers….

IMG_1365 IMG_1366

To get another subtle colour way of my dreams:DSC_0041

Don’t worry mom, I know what I am doing, hydrogen is safe.

And finally, Russ and his…well, I’ll let him tell it…

I don’t know what colors one would associate with blowing up a basement. I was a freshman in high school and a geek before it was cool. for a science project, I made hydrogen, by soaking steel wool in vinegar. I tested it’s popping power by running a current through some other steel wool in a small cylinder of hydrogen. Getting bored with this, one day I made a small torch by burning hydrogen directly on the tube. The flame jumped through the tube into the gallon jug right by my head. After the explosion, My mom said her ears were ringing upstairs. Dust flew up from the floor and caught the sunlight in pretty little display. She didn’t say anything to me at the time, though. She just sat in her chair crocheting and chuckling.

…If you can make it work, throw in some yellow orange for the stars I saw as I flew through the air.

This one came with cackling…


Possibly my favourite photo of the day:IMG_1380

And resulted in this:DSC_0033

(I hear rumours that someone in the crowd may have said, “I didn’t have a basement.” Seriously, I love you people!)

Magma Carta

Since we had pots and dye, Ron added an extra colour…as one does…


All skeins have wandered off to new homes and raised a total of $3,110 for our Studio Fund.

Thanks again to M for her photography!

Want to make your own contribution to our Studio Fund? Support our indiegogo campaign right here and share this link widely.


The Yarn of Your People: Part 1

Last month our friends at Shall We Knit hosted a wedding shower/fundraiser for the indigodragonfly Studio  as part of their Worldwide Knit in Public festivities. As part of that event, we auctioned off naming and colour design rights and dyed their yarn at the event.  Here’s what happened:

A Calm Quiet Life Together

The first colour idea came from Susan:

I would like to name a colour as a tribute to my husband and call it: “A Calm, Quiet Life Together.” Early in our relationship, he asked me if I thought that we could have such a life together. I foolishly said that I thought it was possible.

Since that time, we had 1 son, 2 late miscarriages, a difficult twin pregnancy (which allowed us to have 2 more wonderful sons), a life-threatening illness for one son and a life threatening illness for my husband, which is currently being managed successfully, but means we live with uncertainty. I am grateful for the life that we have, but it is anything but calm and quiet.

My husband is a painter and this is one of his paintings that I love:


©S. Newman

And so we set to work:


IMG_1321 IMG_1329

And the result:


This became more than the inspiration for it…with colours fading in and out with each other. Such a warm combination.

Flying Squid: A Specialty

Then it was my turn to dye Chris’s yarn:

The story – My cousin Deb and her husband Bob have been incredibly generous over the years to me, my husband and I as well as numerous other people. I would like to be able in some small way not to repay them but to thank them. Bob did ask for a hat knit with merino and declared it the warmest thing he owned so definitely knit worthy and yarn naming worthy.
A few years ago they were on a cruise and Deb spotted flying squid. Bob got the photo. A friend of his in the scientific community blogged about it and that was picked up by Scientific American. However SA did not credit Bob for the photo which at that time was the first photographic evidence of flying squid. Boo hiss but don’t get mad get creative.
Bob’s business card reads in part “Photographer, Flying Squid a Specialty”

One thing I love about these kinds of colour ways, the ones that don’t have to be consistent or repeatable, is that it’s painting in the dye pot.

And that’s exactly what I did.

IMG_1335 IMG_1337


To get this:


My favourite yarn colours are the ones that shift and change under your fingers as you knit. A touch of green…a little grey…a million subtle shades of blue.

Thank you to M for taking the camera out of my hands and documenting the process.

And yes…there were more.  Come back on Friday for the next round.

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One more sleep till Studiopalooza at Shall We Knit!! (full details here)

It’s not only World Wide Knit in Public Day, it’s a wedding shower for Ron and I to raise money to move our dye studio out of our kitchen to a new space that will allow us to produce more yarn.


We arrived yesterday afternoon to set up our trunk show (up today, Saturday and Sunday…come squoosh the yarn in person!).  It turns out that the Shall We Knit? team has been plotting. Cross border plotting. Dangerously close that the World Domination thing we mutter about under our breaths.

This kind of plotting:


Yes. Exactly what you think they are: Jennie the Potter mugs!

Karen, Lynne, Cari, Jenn, Beth, Hughanna and Gillian. All very sneaky, plotty people.


Look closer:


Yep. Not just dragonflies…INDIGO dragonflies. Bouncy yarn. And…


(It’s possible Jennie’s assistant wanted to know why the squirrels were dead)



There is one more of these in existence.

One. That’s it. Ever.

And Jennie has kindly donated it to be auctioned off tomorrow alongside the one-of-a-kind yarns.


Auction rules:

– bids will be accepted in our Ravelry group on this thread only.
– bidding will open tomorrow morning (June 15) at 10 am
– bidding will close at 11 pm on Monday, June 16, EST (to allow all time zones a chance to bid!)
– minimum bid: $30.00
– bids should increase by a minimum of $2.00

All funds raised will go towards our Studio fund.


It’s Friday. An admin day here as we busily get ready to ship Smart-Ass Knitters Club packages next week. Very soon Club members will start to see the telltale signs…the spoiler/no spoilers threads will appear in our Ravelry group…random, mysterious black and white photos will taunt them from dusty corners of the internet.  Bwahhahahahaha. Ha.

Meanwhile these are taunting ME:DSC_0007


These the last racks of yarn we’ve dyed up for Studiopalooza at Shall We Knit next weekend. We work with a lot of incredible yarn stores and yarn store owners, but Karen, Lynne and their staff at Shall We Knit have blown us away with the generosity of this event.  We’ve seen sneak previews of what you can expect from other vendors like Zigzag Stitches, Jennie the Potter and Body Blessed and you don’t want to miss this event!

For those of you who really can’t make it, we’ll be live tweeting and live posting about the event on twitter (follow: @indigodragonfly) and in our Ravelry group.  And there is always the Naming Rights Auction (bids close on June 10 at 11 pm)…

Know what else is taunting me?




It’s my Draper Cardigan from Fit to Flatter in Merino Silk DK in the Minden Flood Relief colourway.  I love how the colour has played out in this base. I really want to wear it RIGHT NOW. And as soon as I whip up a couple of sleeves and stitch that baby together, that’s what’s going to happen!

In other news, Southern Ontario: prepare for 45º C weather.


Because One Stove is Not Enough: Naming Rights Auction

Have a great idea for a colourway that you’ve always wanted us to do? Is there a special person you’d love to immortalize in yarny goodness?  Want us to recreate your favourite photograph in colour?

Now’s your chance.

Tell us your story and give us a bid. The highest 4 bidders win the right to name a non-repeatable, one-time-only indigodragonfly colourway.

On Knit in Public day (June 15, 2013), Kim and Ron will dye your colourway live, in person, at Shall We Knit. They’ll tell your story to the crowds waiting with bated breath and live tweet/photograph the process. Whether you’re able to be there in person, or are watching from home, you won’t want to miss this.

You’ll also be featured here on the indigodragonfly blog. AND, you’ll get one skein of your colourway in your choice of Merino Sock or Ultra MCN Sock.

The remaining skeins in the batch will also be auctioned off on the day in our Ravelry Group.

All proceeds will go towards building a dye house and studio for indigodragonfly.  (Which means more yarn, faster, for all of you!)

The Naming Auction will take place in this thread in our Ravelry Group from June 1-10.  If you don’t have a Ravelry account, you can also participate by emailing us your story and your bid and we will enter it for you!

**Single Skein Auction** Minimum bid: $45

Naming rights + 1 skein of your colour way.

**Full Pot Auction** Minimum bid: $400
You can also bid on a full pot in your very own colourway in the base of your choice*. As above, tell us your story and give us a bid.

Kim and Ron will dye your yarn and then do a second pot of your colourway to be auctioned off to the masses.

A full pot/dye lot means:
10 skeins of Worsted
7 skeins of Sock yarn
8 skeins of DK weight