Belated, Beloved.

Friday was Ron’s birthday.  And since I wasn’t able to be upright or focus for more than a few minutes at a time and because Ron was off bowling for the wolves yesterday, we’ve decided to celebrate today.  So just pretend with me that it’s really Friday and that there’s still a whole weekend ahead…you know you want to…

It is with no exaggeration that I tell you that this has been the worst year. Death, family illness, wedding date set and cancelled…twice, death, family reshuffling, house purchase from hell, playing constant catch-up with our schedule, family illness…  All this mixed in with the very best of times for our business…the very best dream opportunities coming at absolutely the very worst times.  Ever stir a dyepot for your dream yarn support source while packing for your mother’s death & funeral?  Yes.  That kind of extreme.  The kinds of extremes that have led us to the point where the well runs dry and the computer breaks down all in one week and we just kind of sit there and say “of course the well ran dry and the computer broke down.”  Because there’s nothing left.

This has been the year that Ron has taken it all on. Usually it’s me in the lead, but that’s changed this year.  Ron’s kept the house and business going while I travel to teach and promote us. He’s kept up the household when I’m too exhausted. He alone dealt with #20,001 & co. on the house deal from hell at the worst time possible…and for that alone, I may owe him until the end of time. (it’s the only time I’ve seen him REALLY angry) He’s taken on more of the business, shifting into roles that make me very proud to know him.  And for one very important week this year, he shut ME down.  Fired me.  Gave me an actual virtual pink slip. I’m still kind of speechless.

He’s developed a strange fascination with the house inspection binder.  I keep finding it in the strangest places.

His colours are still some of my favourites…and usually ones that I wouldn’t choose.

He’s come to expect hotels to clearly lay out signs stating their circus animal expectations.

He found Louie. He made friends with Louie. He and Louie spend quality time everyday.  We really really need to get another dog…

A year ago, I thought he was a better partner than I could ever expect, both in life and in business.  This year, he’s not only proved that to be correct, but has raised the bar several octaves.  The fact that he’s survived, that I’ve survived, and more importantly, that WE’VE survived and still actually like each other?  That’s a lot to celebrate.

Happy Birthday Ron!

PS: If you’re in Toronto and free this Thursday, November 1, join us for the launch party of Ron’s latest poetry collection, Atlas Sneezed (Montreal publisher Cactus Press)  at the Black Swan, 154 Danforth Ave. (doors open at 7:30, readings start at 8:00)


At Least I Left Out The Mushy Stuff

Today is Ron’s (the Boy’s) birthday. He would really prefer I didn’t tell you, but I’m sorry, I strongly believe that there is nothing more important than celebrating the day someone unique, special and dear to you was born.

Everything about Ron is a sweet surprise. He came into my life in an unexpected way, and has kept me on my toes ever since. Those of you who have met him know he’s a quiet man. Really he’s just saving it up to catch you off guard with that one phrase that makes you spit water across the room. (even better are the times when he starts to snicker at just the thought of what he’s about to say)

I can truly say I’ve never met a funnier, smarter or kinder person. All qualities that are the reason we’re able to live AND work together. And patient! A quality that’s life saving when you live with me. On our second not-date I casually led him into a yarn store and he wandered around with me for an hour with no signs of losing his mind with boredom. Seriously patient!

Without Ron you would all be stuck with non-memorable colour names. Really, that part is all his fault. Well, except the geeky ones. Though he looked at me strangely when the first Buffy yarn came out, he now insists that watching Buffy is “research”.

One thing you may not know about Ron is that he dyes many of our colours. And he’s really really good. He makes me love colours I think I hate.

He takes my good ideas and makes them better. I say “Vampire Ballerina”, he says “Tiny Bloodsucking Dancer”. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life and in yarny goodness.

Happy Birthday Ron!