Smart-Ass Knitters: June 2013

The Yarn:

Filament o’ Squid, a new Merino/Seacell blend in Squalor Amongst the Ankles


I was thinking about my childhood summer memories.  Playing hide and seek in sun-bleached fields of long grass.

Ron, on the other hand:

Some body parts are pretty. Some body parts are functional.
And then, there’s the Ankle.
The Ankle: The Zircon of the Gem World.
The Ankle: The French Fry of International Cuisine.
The Ankle: The Frisbee Golf of Sports.
Isn’t it about time the Ankle was given its due?
Squalor Amongst The Ankles. Feel the love!

The Designers:

This year the Smart-Ass Knitters/World Domination 1 Skein Club is offering 2 patterns with every Club package.

Incipient by Melissa Lemmons
click images to embiggen)

I love all the details in these socks.  The leaves and vines climbing up the leg. The way the design flows down onto the foot. And this sole detail:


©Melissa Lemmons

And these are charted for 4 sizes!

Melissa’s Designer page on Ravelry


Lonicera by Sarah Wilson/The Sexy Knitter

Sarah took on the challenge of making this cowl adaptable to all seasons and climates and really stretched the possibilities of this yarn. There are 4 sizes in total, some using the yarn single stranded and some double stranded, so depending on your wardrobe needs, you can make this everything from a quick winter knit to a light summer shoulder wrap.

Sarah’s Facebook page
Sarah’s Designer page on Ravelry

Both these patterns will be available for sale directly from the designers in December 2013.


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