4th Annual Highlands Fibre Fling!!!


…and yea the wild green of the forests will open up, trees bending to our will, tulted aside by the sheer weight of fibre-y hubris and multitudinous hordes, rending atwixt the failing sods and voiding the very sky, the deepest Godz weeping in arcane tongues their megatudinal sorrow at being excluded from the surface orgy of ecstasticness, and the hills mummer’d in veiled attempts to roll a-down and join in the festive grandeur, so exquisite in their sublimity, and gravity herself being fragmented in a futile attempt to…but I digress. Um, where was I?

Oh yes,

On Saturday August 17, indigodragonfly Studios is holding its 4th annual Highlands Fibre Fling! An Open House & Yarn Sale, doors will be flung akimbo and you – yes you – are invited to partake in the days activities!

There will be yarn a-skeined, knitters a-knittin’, more yarn, dyeing demos, still more yarn, some hot baseball bat on piñata action, even more yarn, bbq, and if the rumours are true, there will be yarn!

Doors will open from 11 a.m. (we like our sleep, and it is a weekend day) until 4 p.m. We are at 1932 Kennisis Lake Road, just outside of West Guilford, approx. 10 minutes from Haliburton ON. For more detailed directions & event details, you can email Ron at: orders@indigodragonfly.ca

Here’s a shot of knitterly mayhem from the 2nd Annual Fling:


Please Note: the smoke is from a barbecue, not from some ritual sacrifice of Acrylic yarn…

Show up! Bring a chair, yer knitting, spinning wheels, an’ Enjoy!

See ya there….


3 thoughts on “4th Annual Highlands Fibre Fling!!!

  1. Hey! I recognize the backs of those heads 🙂
    Hmmm… ritual sacrifice of Acrylic… there’s some potential there…
    (but then I guess someone has to have some Acrylic)

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