The Yarn of Your People: Part 1

Last month our friends at Shall We Knit hosted a wedding shower/fundraiser for the indigodragonfly Studio  as part of their Worldwide Knit in Public festivities. As part of that event, we auctioned off naming and colour design rights and dyed their yarn at the event.  Here’s what happened:

A Calm Quiet Life Together

The first colour idea came from Susan:

I would like to name a colour as a tribute to my husband and call it: “A Calm, Quiet Life Together.” Early in our relationship, he asked me if I thought that we could have such a life together. I foolishly said that I thought it was possible.

Since that time, we had 1 son, 2 late miscarriages, a difficult twin pregnancy (which allowed us to have 2 more wonderful sons), a life-threatening illness for one son and a life threatening illness for my husband, which is currently being managed successfully, but means we live with uncertainty. I am grateful for the life that we have, but it is anything but calm and quiet.

My husband is a painter and this is one of his paintings that I love:


©S. Newman

And so we set to work:


IMG_1321 IMG_1329

And the result:


This became more than the inspiration for it…with colours fading in and out with each other. Such a warm combination.

Flying Squid: A Specialty

Then it was my turn to dye Chris’s yarn:

The story – My cousin Deb and her husband Bob have been incredibly generous over the years to me, my husband and I as well as numerous other people. I would like to be able in some small way not to repay them but to thank them. Bob did ask for a hat knit with merino and declared it the warmest thing he owned so definitely knit worthy and yarn naming worthy.
A few years ago they were on a cruise and Deb spotted flying squid. Bob got the photo. A friend of his in the scientific community blogged about it and that was picked up by Scientific American. However SA did not credit Bob for the photo which at that time was the first photographic evidence of flying squid. Boo hiss but don’t get mad get creative.
Bob’s business card reads in part “Photographer, Flying Squid a Specialty”

One thing I love about these kinds of colour ways, the ones that don’t have to be consistent or repeatable, is that it’s painting in the dye pot.

And that’s exactly what I did.

IMG_1335 IMG_1337


To get this:


My favourite yarn colours are the ones that shift and change under your fingers as you knit. A touch of green…a little grey…a million subtle shades of blue.

Thank you to M for taking the camera out of my hands and documenting the process.

And yes…there were more.  Come back on Friday for the next round.

Want to make your own contribution to our Studio Fund? Tomorrow’s yarn update (July 18 at 3 pm Eastern) is all about that.

And of course there’s also our indiegogo campaign right here.


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