Pass Me The Hammer; or, So That’s What A Plumb Bob Is For!

So, have you ever cooked food in a kitchen?

We have. A long, long time ago, in a story that goes something like this (a one an’ a two an’ a…):

2009: Sure it’s a hobby, but yeah I can totally dye a skein of yarn for you. Okay, I’ll do that on Friday.

2013: It’s Friday? Hmm. Okay…now what month did you say it was???

Yes, business has been…well, busy. And not just yer regular 9 to 5, I hate my boss and wish upon a fallen unicorn their overblown hairstyle would finally collapse under the weight of their vile übermousse and crush their puny skull into the black hole of nothingness that it is and please for the love of possum also take that unfortunate pantsuit with it kind of busy but hey I digress so…um, what was the point?

Oh yes, we’re busy.

Stupid busy.

And it’s time to take the Stupid to School.

Since we purchased the house and property we were renting nearly a year ago, we’ve started the discussion of building a yarn studio. Business was good, orders were coming in at a fairly regular rate, wholesale clients were coming on board. From 2011 to 2012, business doubled. Now we’re at that point where every successful business gets, which is to look at the current business plan and decide whether or not to expand. And it’s now time to let out the seams!

We’ve got the sales: Check. We’ve put in place a build design: Check. And this is where you – the Inquisitive Chipmunk-Herding Minions of Immoderation™ – come in!

We’ve got in place start-up funding, and now we’re looking to squirrel-poke this bad boy over the top (but not in a cheesy old Sylvester Stallone movie kind of way). And so to slam home the Forearm Of Victory (okay, so there will be a little bit of arm wrestling, but mostly between cuddly wildlife critters), we’ve set up our very own Indiegogo Campaign!!!

Here’s how it works: Go to our Campaign Page.

Pick Yer Stuff!!!

It’s that simple.

Share our campaign page through Facebook, Twitter, Ravelry posts…basically with everyone you know!

Why?? More pretty pretty yarn, faster turnaround times, the ability to take on more wholesale clients,  employment opportunities for a job-poor community, and perks. Perks, I tells ya!

Thank You.

And oh yes, please pass the Campaign Page link on!

We’re looking forward to cooking in our kitchen again.


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