One more sleep till Studiopalooza at Shall We Knit!! (full details here)

It’s not only World Wide Knit in Public Day, it’s a wedding shower for Ron and I to raise money to move our dye studio out of our kitchen to a new space that will allow us to produce more yarn.


We arrived yesterday afternoon to set up our trunk show (up today, Saturday and Sunday…come squoosh the yarn in person!).  It turns out that the Shall We Knit? team has been plotting. Cross border plotting. Dangerously close that the World Domination thing we mutter about under our breaths.

This kind of plotting:


Yes. Exactly what you think they are: Jennie the Potter mugs!

Karen, Lynne, Cari, Jenn, Beth, Hughanna and Gillian. All very sneaky, plotty people.


Look closer:


Yep. Not just dragonflies…INDIGO dragonflies. Bouncy yarn. And…


(It’s possible Jennie’s assistant wanted to know why the squirrels were dead)



There is one more of these in existence.

One. That’s it. Ever.

And Jennie has kindly donated it to be auctioned off tomorrow alongside the one-of-a-kind yarns.


Auction rules:

– bids will be accepted in our Ravelry group on this thread only.
– bidding will open tomorrow morning (June 15) at 10 am
– bidding will close at 11 pm on Monday, June 16, EST (to allow all time zones a chance to bid!)
– minimum bid: $30.00
– bids should increase by a minimum of $2.00

All funds raised will go towards our Studio fund.


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