It’s Friday. An admin day here as we busily get ready to ship Smart-Ass Knitters Club packages next week. Very soon Club members will start to see the telltale signs…the spoiler/no spoilers threads will appear in our Ravelry group…random, mysterious black and white photos will taunt them from dusty corners of the internet.  Bwahhahahahaha. Ha.

Meanwhile these are taunting ME:DSC_0007


These the last racks of yarn we’ve dyed up for Studiopalooza at Shall We Knit next weekend. We work with a lot of incredible yarn stores and yarn store owners, but Karen, Lynne and their staff at Shall We Knit have blown us away with the generosity of this event.  We’ve seen sneak previews of what you can expect from other vendors like Zigzag Stitches, Jennie the Potter and Body Blessed and you don’t want to miss this event!

For those of you who really can’t make it, we’ll be live tweeting and live posting about the event on twitter (follow: @indigodragonfly) and in our Ravelry group.  And there is always the Naming Rights Auction (bids close on June 10 at 11 pm)…

Know what else is taunting me?




It’s my Draper Cardigan from Fit to Flatter in Merino Silk DK in the Minden Flood Relief colourway.  I love how the colour has played out in this base. I really want to wear it RIGHT NOW. And as soon as I whip up a couple of sleeves and stitch that baby together, that’s what’s going to happen!

In other news, Southern Ontario: prepare for 45º C weather.



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