Colour & Needles

Tomorrow I head to Needles in the Hay to teach Colour Colour Colour.  We look at the rules of Colour Theory…and then start messing with them.

I’ll also be bringing Bridget these:



Sets of 3 skeins/3 colours for Needles in the Hay’s Colour Affection KAL (scroll down).

Because workshops like Colour Theory work better when you can apply what you’ve learned right away to a project that you’re excited about, we’ll be looking at these sets, why the colours work and how best to use them with Veera’s pattern.  Students are also encouraged to bring something they’re planning to work on or designing so they can play.

If you’re in or near Peterborough, there are still a few spaces left in the class.  Contact Bridget for more info!


6 thoughts on “Colour & Needles

  1. I won’t be there to take the class (weep and gnash teeth), as our school’s 100th anniversary is tomorrow, but we may drop in to say “hi” , and fondle that pile of colourful stuff.

  2. Er. That light blue/dark blue/gold combo, you wouldn’t happen to have those colourways on hand? I suddenly realize that I really must have them.

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