Minion On The Loose

Hello! Indigodragonfly Minion here!

Just wanted to let y’all know that Kim and Ron have unchained me from the winder for a few hours of freedom.

I really enjoyed meeting some of you at the Knitter’s Frolic in April. It’s swell to actually witness how bonkers people are for this yarn.

I enjoy minioning away in the Squirrel Hut dyeing and winding and saying bizarre things like, “I’ve made the Squid and wound the Hot Cheese and there are two pots of Unicorn ready to go.” or “How many Lizards should we make into Punching?” and “Do we need to weigh more Gesundheits?”

Sometimes I make a thing I call 1xNS which Ron refers to as a dyslexic 80’s band but is in fact the description of a very common dye.

I have learned that “Inara” and “Cordelia” are colourways, neither of which have the words Inara or Cordelia in their proper titles. This was confusing for me for ages.

There is an impressive amount of jargon which I’m fairly certain only exists within the walls of said Squirrel Hut. But I’m starting to speak the lingo.

I’ve caught myself asking the yarn how’s it’s doing. This had not ever occurred before my career as a studio minion.

As much as we all joke about me being a slave, I actually get to play fairly often. Working out my own colourways helps me learn about the properties of the dyes and how to apply them for a desired effect and it keeps me creatively motivated. Which is a very valuable part of any job in my humble opinion. Kim and Ron are great at giving me direction for my colours while still letting me take the lead on those ones. In case you are wondering, my colourways thus far have been: “The Impenetrable Apricot Forcefield”, “Punchline Executed by Five Year Old In More Ways Than One”, The Worst Part of Nodding Off Is Folgers In Your Lap”, “Jeeves, The Prim Reaper” (Ron made the names of those two), “Mongo Only Pawn In Game Of Life”, and most recently, “Caffeinate The Minion!!”

From left to right: Apricot, Caffienate, Jeeves and Folgers

From left to right: Apricot, Caffeinate, Jeeves and Folgers

So just in case you were worried about me, I’m good. There was one slightly traumatic incident involving a slightly pornographic arboreal pictograph, but I’ve been seeing a therapist so it’s fine.

Okay, back to the yarn dungeon with me. Ciao for now.



2 thoughts on “Minion On The Loose

  1. Well, I’ve already knit up my Apricot Forcefield and I’m contemplating what to do with my Toddler Executes Joke, (is that the same as Punchline Executed by Five Year Old?) so I’d say you’re on a roll! Nice work!

  2. You are so firmly a member of the Nutbar family, I worry for your progeny. I think seeing vagtrees sealed the deal.

    Long may ye min.


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