Frolic Forecast: Swoop!

I’ve just finished a new pattern in the Spatial Distortion series!


This one’s called Swoop. Can you guess why?


I loved knitting this and watching the colours play against each other. Perfect for semi-mindless knitting…repetitive enough to be relaxing, but enough changes to keep you interested to the very end.


It’s another Order & Chaos pattern, with instructions that lean both ways.  Line by line written instructions for those who prefer to be guided through each step.  A pattern recipe and guidelines for those who want to go “off road.”  Use one or the other, or something in between.

I haven’t taken it off since knitting it.  Perfect around my neck in this strange not-quite-spring-yet time.  Or draped around my shoulders for a layer of cozy.


The pattern is up for sale right now on Ravelry:

We’ll have yarn packs perfect for this and for the other patterns in the Spatial Distortion series in our booth at the Frolic (#35!), as well as hard copy and digital copies of the pattern for sale.

(Super secret hint: buy the Spatial Distortion ebook on Ravelry now before the price goes up on May 1!)


4 thoughts on “Frolic Forecast: Swoop!

  1. Well I’m sure glad I bought the full e-book a while ago! It was lovely to wake up this morning and see a brand new pattern in my ravelry library. Can’t wait to see it in person on Saturday.

  2. Love this. You have a great colour sense but we already know that just by looking at the beautiful colours you create. I hope you have the actual shawl at Frolic so I can see it in person.

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