Frolic Forecast: New Colours!

We’ll be bringing some brand new, hot out of the dyepot colours to Frolic this year.


Some of this:

And a little of this:


And many many more.

Complex colours like this are some of my favourites to dye.  So we’re bringing plenty along with us:



Remember to leave a comment on today or tomorrow’s post to be eligible to win a pair of tickets to the Knitter’s Frolic, this Saturday in Toronto!


26 thoughts on “Frolic Forecast: New Colours!

  1. I never win anything so I will be over the moon if I win Frolic tix… that being said, I am excited to just see you both and all the new and favourite colours!

  2. Ok, my brain is broken, because it actually likes the orange (I am a cool colours person, liking orange doesn’t make sense).

  3. Hope to make the Frolic!! If not hope you will have some left to purchase on line!!!! The colours are awesome as usual!

  4. Ooh! Another chance at Sargasm. I totally need some of that. I’m thinking something made with “People are stupid today” and “Sargasm” would be an item I’d want to wear to work every single day. 😉 Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday.

  5. Tickets would to me no good at all, as I’m far from Toronto. . . . . .but I just wanted to say I love all these new colors! Must get my hands on Sargasm at some point. 🙂

  6. Love those colours……………do we have names yet? That purple reminds me of my favorite tulips………. “tiptoe through the tulips” purple…….. ! Would just love to go to Frolic!

  7. mmmmhhh… can we get a colourway called “smile… you can’t kill them all” please? I need that DESPERATELY for work!

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