Frolic is Coming!

We’re busy getting ready and packing up for the Annual Downtown Knit Collective’s Knitter’s Frolic in Toronto this weekend.  You’ll find us in the Marketplace in booth #35 (same booth as last year).

Over the next few days we’ll show you some of what you can expect to see from us.  So keep watching! 🙂

Also: comment on any or all of our posts today, tomorrow or Thursday and you’ll be entered in a draw for 2 pairs of tickets to the Frolic!  We’ll email the tickets to the winner on Friday.

So today’s fun item?  Buttons.  You know, the colour name ones…but new ones (and a few we just couldn’t let go of):



13 thoughts on “Frolic is Coming!

  1. I am in love with Blink Edith Blink! I will definitely be picking up some buttons this time. Will you have a deal if we buy more than one?

  2. For some reason my facebook thought you were spam… Bad facebook!!

    Can’t wait for frolic, definitely picking up some more buttons!!!

  3. Alas, no Frolic for me unless DC somehow moves its suburbs in the next few days. I must have buttons though… although I don’t know that my boss will buy the explanation that “people are particularly stupid today” is the name of a yarn color.

  4. Ooh! You actually made a “People are particularly stupid…” button. Totally need one (or more of those!) =)

  5. How awesome!!! I’ve seen these at The Purple Purl but didnt really “get” it… now it all makes sense! Can’t wait to see you guys on Saturday!! Booth 35 it is…

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