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One of the main reasons I started indigodragonfly was community.  The worldwide community of knitters and crocheters, yes, but also the community of people making and creating the bits and pieces that allow us to make beautiful things. Artisans who dye yarn and make beautiful tools for us to use. And designers who take the ideas in their heads, try them, change them, adjust them and then painstakingly write down how to make it work so we can wrap ourselves in their creations.  It’s these ideals that our yarn club is built around, and why it’s not “just” a yarn club.

So when Shall We Knit in Waterloo, Ontario announced that they were starting a Designer in Residence program and each month featuring a designer and their patterns in the store’s gallery, I casually mentioned that if Karen wanted to encourage the designers to create while “in residence”, that we would donate yarn for them to work with.


It is done. (We don’t waste time. Shenanigans is serious business)

Yarn for the designer to work with and work through.  To play with and explore and rip out and reknit.  To focus on a design over that month, and maybe let us in on the process just a little bit.  So that when we see the finished design and beautiful photographs, we understand more about the work that goes behind it.

The first designer on deck has been Katherine Matthews of purl diving. (Ravelry designer page).  Katherine has been playing with a skein of Linen Silk Lace…swatching and knitting and ripping and reknitting.  She’s been sharing some of her process here in our Ravelry group and tweeting some of her process as well.  It’s been a completely different way for her to work, but I, for one, have loved watching it happen.  Katherine will continue to be at Shall We Knit every Saturday until March 2.  If you’re in southern Ontario, go visit!  And if not, keep watching to see what Katherine comes up with next.


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