Club sign ups open next week!

It’s that time of year again…

Sign ups for the 2013-14 Smart-Ass Knitter World Domination 1 Skein Club  will open on February 14, 2013.

Please note: lots of changes to this year’s Club, please read carefully!
‘♥’ indicates new features!


Packages will contain the following items, made exclusively for this club:

YARN: 1 full skein (100-115g) of luxury, hand dyed yarn in an exclusive colourway.
♥ Club colourways will only be available to Club members and will not be released publicly.

PATTERNS: ♥ 2 patterns for each package (exclusive to Club members for 6 months)

PROJECT BAG (full year/6 shipment members only) designed and silk screened exclusively for the Club (full year members only)


♥ Extra Club Skeins:  extra skeins may be added to your Club package, allowing you to make knit both patterns or to make larger versions of some items (i.e.: scarves, shawls)

Mystery Skeins:  For those who just can’t get enough! Mystery skeins are random skeins chosen for you and put in your package. They are equivalent in value to your Club skein and can be any weight or colour. (We provide a survey that will let us know your colour preferences)

♥ Artisan Swag (full year members only):  For the first time, swag will be optional.  You can sign up for 1 larger gift to come in one of your packages, instead of several smaller ones.  What will it be? A surprise.  But here’s a hint: it will handmade by an artisan and it will be one of these — shawl pin, buttons, project or tool bag, knitting related mug or other dish ware, needles.

♥ Membership Benefits:

  • Club members can order Club colourways to be dyed on any base they choose, in any amounts. (Note: these are for personal use only…not to be sold to others)
  • 1 or more yarn bases in the Club will be exclusive to Club members only. Members may custom order these bases in any colourway they choose.
  • Full Year members only: Those who pay in full will have their patterns delivered directly to their Ravelry library for the duration of their membership

All prices are in Canadian funds and include shipping.
Prices reflect the value of the yarn bases and extras chosen for the Club, actual shipping costs and the exclusivity of the colours. Remember: these will not be available to non-members at any time.

Basic Club
(all “full price” options include savings of approximately 20% on the base fee of the Club)

6 packages 
Ontario/US $310 | $30 per month (monthly payments)
Canada/International $328 | $32 per month (monthly payments)

3 packages 
Ontario/US $145 | $30 per month (monthly payments)
Canada/International $154 | $32 per month (monthly payments)
Note: pricing for the first 3 shipments reflects 1) the value of the yarn bases chosen; 2) no project bag. Pricing for the second 3 shipments will be priced at approximately $175/$184

Extra Skeins & Mystery Skeins:

Canada/US: $94 (3 shipments) | $196 (6 shipments) | $19.50 per month
International: $99 (3 shipments) | $205 (6 shipments) | $20.25 per month

Swag:  $45
(6 shipment members only; no monthly option available)

Please note: There are no refunds on Clubs.
Feel free to ask us as many questions as you wish before signing up, but once you’ve signed up, you’ve committed to membership.


What is this?
A yarn club with patterns and options! Each package will contain 1 skein of indigodragonfly yarn and 2 patterns for that yarn.  Colourways are exclusive to Club members only and will never be available to the general public.  Packages will be shipped every second month, around the 15th of the month.

How many packages/how long is the commitment?
Packages will arrive every 2 months, so you’ll receive 6 packages if you sign up for the 1 year club, and 3 packages if you sign up for the 6 month club.  You can opt to pay monthly, or pay for the whole club at once at a significant discount (20% off the base price of the Club).  Packages will ship around the 15th of the shipment month.

When do payments start?
The Club will be open for subscriptions starting on February 14, 2013 and will be open until April 14, 2013 (or when we’ve reached our full capacity) You can subscribe through Paypal right here on this page.

When do shipments start?

June 15 will be the first shipment. Shipments will follow every second month on the 15th of the month until April 2014 for 1 year club members, or October 2013 for 6 month club members.

Who are the designers?
It’s a surprise!  All designers have been chosen because we love their designs.  We know you will too.  Past designers have been Laura Nelkin, Kate Atherley, Meghan Jackson, Deb Barnhill and Stephannie Roy.

Will you ship to Canada?
Yes! I live here, so there will definitely be shipping to Canada. In fact, the prices quoted for the Club include shipping.

Is this a sock club? Are non-sock knitters welcome?
First of all, EVERYONE is welcome. The only requirement is that you have a sense of humour and are not easily offended. There will be a variety of projects throughout this Club. I like to knit different things and like variety…so that’s what you’re getting.

If you have further questions, feel free to email us directly at orders AT


4 thoughts on “Club sign ups open next week!

  1. I missed the last one – note to myself DO NOT miss this one 🙂 I love these kind of stuff, means I will have items for sure for Xmas & birthdays – 8 grand daughters & 1 god daughter means lots of items needed.

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