Year-End Peckings


Okay, so a few things happened over the past 12 months; some good, some not-so-good, and some that were probably rooting for that Mayan Calendar Apocalyptic Bunfest thingy to go down as planned. But we think the best way to round things up would be to ask our inner Order Muppet that immortal Gilmore Girls question: What Would Rory Do?

The Answer: Make A List.

Okay, lists are fun. Lists put chaos through the spanking machine. Lists give hapless husbands a blueprint to buy more than Corn Chips and Beef Jerky when sent to the grocery store. Lists make pretty pretty music (okay, that was Franz Liszt). Lists make boats tip over. Lists are the funny noises that come from the mouths of teenagers with brand-new lip rings. Lists count things down.

So, in no particular order, here’s our Fun List of the Top 10 Colourways of 2012.

#4) Venison, The Spare Reindeer

#7) Cosby Sweater Repair Kit

#2) The Urkel Of Life (you’re still singing it, aren’t you? Try tacking on “The Eel Of Fortune” right after it for added giggles, but you’re on yer own from there…)

#10) Xanadon’t

#5) The Platypus: The El Camino Of The Animal World

#3) Jim Henson’s Recycle Bin

#9) Türtljägr: For When Frögschläger Just Won’t Do.

#6) Knoll Coward

#1) John Tesh, Piano Slayer

#11) Carpe Carp (Seize The Fish)

And finally, coming in at #8 with a bullet…

Sailor Bait: The Official Lipstick Of The 2012 Walk Of Shame!!

And so, you now ask (Ask! Ask!), what’s in store for 2013??

Well for starters, there’s a sorta sooper seekrit (but not really) expedition planned for sometime in January to do as Frankie says an’ Relax, but to also spend some time tracking down yarn & fibre from the elusive West Coast Penal Colony Polwarth, a sheep so legendary it believes its own myth. A sheep so shifty sand dunes are envious. A sheep so rarely seen it makes Snuffleupagus seem like a Kardashian.

Next, we’ll be travelling to the tropical climes of Southern Ontario and finding out just how much bail costs to get out of the Kitchener-Waterloo hoosegow. Not that there’ll be any Jayne-like Public Relations incidents afoot, but ye locals have been warned.

Afterwards, it’s pretty much like the Lord Of The Rings movie trilogy. Walk, walk, stop, dye, walk, plod, dye some more, go to the post office, walk, dye, plot, scheme, feed minion, look for precious etc. And that’s just February 3rd. The Morning of.

Beyond that, it’s pretty much anybody’s guess, although There Will Be Yarn. Lots. Of. Yarn. Buttloads. Of. Yarn. Did we mention there will be Yarn? Yes, Yarn. Oh, and probably, Yarn.

And one final thing – at the beginning of 2012, we started adding a few additional  vitalmins and nourishmints to the sunflower seeds we put out for our local herd of chickadees to nosh on. We think the results speak for themselves…

…and these are just the chicks!!!

Party On, Garth!


7 thoughts on “Year-End Peckings

  1. John actually does describe LOTR that way…the Hobbit is better because while there’s still a lot of walking, more stuff happens between the long stretches of walking. Love the overgrown chickadees!

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