Giftapalooza: the Spoiler Edition!

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate!  Happy Tuesday to those of you who don’t.  However you choose to spend your day, I hope at least part of it involves being curled up on the couch with some yarny goodness.

Now the annual tradition of revealing Giftapalooza begins…

If you’re still waiting for your Giftapalooza package or haven’t opened it yet and don’t want spoilers, STOP READING HERE.  I mean it.  There will be pictures and everything.  

The post will still be here when you’re ready.  I promise.

The Patterns:

We had an incredible response to our call for proposals for Giftapalooza patterns…the first call we’ve ever put out!  All patterns are designed to work with any of our sock/fingering weight yarns.

Out of the nearly 100 patterns, we chose these 4:

Kalix by Anna Dalvi


Choose fingerless or full mitten options, with elegant details…a cabled cuff and picot edging.

Kuu by Allyson Sgro

DSC_0028 DSC_0019

A lace shawlette/shawl available in 3 sizes and multiple variations on the lace pattern…choose and combine your favourites for a truly unique wrap!

Eye of the Storm by Ryan Hollist


Our first crochet design! We loved the unusual shape of this wrap, and the fact that it can be adjusted to use the amount of yarn that you have on hand.  One colour, two colours, 50 colours…it’s all possible.

Unreasonable Obsession by Avril Lang

IMG_0055-1photo ©Avril Lang

We loved the graphic quality of this shawl and the cozy ruffled edge.

Thanks to Shelley Schell and my students at the Haliburton School of the Arts who braved the first sub-zero day this winter to help me take photos.

All patterns will be available on Ravelry as part of the 4 pattern ebook in late January for $12.  Individual patterns will be available from the designers starting in early March.

The Yarn:

Giftapalooza colours are one-of-a-kind, non-repeatable (nope. sorry. not possible.) colourways.  Playing and improvising in the dyepot, with no measuring or careful plotting is our favourite way to dye.  The result? Spontaneous, rich, multi-facetted colourways that sing.

Each of these colours was dyed on one base only:  Merino Sock, Merino Silk 4 ply Sock or Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Sock (new base to be released widely in late January 2013)

DSC_0016 L to R:

It’s Qiviut. Really
Carolling is Not a Contact Sport
The Good, The Bad and the Atrocious Wrapping Job

DSC_0015L to R:

My Other Skein is a South Polwarth
Save a Present – Shake a Parent!
Deck the Halls But Leave the Oates Alone!
Holly Jolly Rancher

L to R:

Death, Taxes and That Unfortunate Holiday Jumper
Aisle 5 – The Aisle with the Elf Spray – That’s a Good Aisle!
A Snowball’s Chance in Sunnydale
Hulk! Stash!
Happy Thanksgiving! Love, the Procrastinators (even funnier if you’re Canadian…)

DSC_0035L to R:

Trucker the Red-Nosed Rein-Moose
Grrr…Nog… (Festive Mutant Enemy)
Got Mitts?
Christmas in Mordor: Release the Ring-Wreaths!

DSC_0031 L to R:

Downsizing: 8 Tiny Chipmunks, a Skateboard and a Crown Royal Bag
Okay, Who’s the Sicko Who Got Frosty the Electric Blanket?
Olive the Other Cortexiphan Reindeer
A Thin Line Between No Batteries, a Remote-Controlled Toy and a Screaming Child

DSC_0028L to R:

Chimneys: Not Bigger on the Inside
Coroner’s Report: Herbert T. Grinch, 47, Cause of Death: Enlarged Aorta
Tinsel: Confusing Kittens’ Vital Organs Since 1928
Rock Paper Scissors Useless Crap
A Year Later, It Was Whatville’s Turn

L to R:

Want Free Food? Eat With Dasher!
The Arctic Urkel
Turkey: the Nyquil of Meat
Santa Eight Tiny Reindeer

DSC_0022 L to R:

Arthur Rankin Jr., Animator Hunter
It’s a Mordor Christmas, Charlie Brown!
Reindeer Hunger Games
Venison, the Spare Reindeer

DSC_0019L to R:

Nothing Says I’ve Given Up Quite Like Lottery Tickets
Doctor Whoville (Grinches are Cool!)
TARDIS: Turkeys and Related Domestic Indigenous Snacks
Boxing Day: Canadian for Hangover

6 thoughts on “Giftapalooza: the Spoiler Edition!

  1. LOL!!! Somehow you two come up with exponentially more brilliantly hilarious names each year. Happy holidays and looking forward to much more of your genius and talents in 2013!

  2. Love my package. Now I just need to decide what it will become. The colours are all awesome. Are there any skeins left over? If so I old le to make another purchase.

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