What I Knit on My Winter Holiday…

1) We’re winding down production to take a long, well-deserved break.

Indigodragonfly will be closed from December 22 – January 21.
We will not be responding to email during that time.  BUT! Please feel free to continue ordering yarn (I know a few of you will have gift certificates burning a hole in your pocket) and placing custom orders.  We’ll answer email and invoice and ship in the order your requests come in.

2) All Knitty yarn orders placed from today onwards will be dyed once we get back in late January.  The response to this colour has been fantastic.  Thank you! 🙂

3) There will be a price increase on some of our yarns, starting January 21.  Bases affected will be:  all MCN bases (Lace, Sock, Sport, Worsted), Ultra MCN SockMCS Sock and MCS Worsted, which will go up to $32 per skein; Merino Sock and Merino Nylon Sock, which will increase to $25 and Merino Silk 4 ply Sock which will increase to $35.  We will honour current prices for all in stock and all custom orders for these bases between now and January 21.

4) There are 2.5 very full days of work ahead of me, yet what am I thinking about?  What I’m going to knit on my winter vacation.

I already have Celestartium on the needles.

Everything in Cookie A‘s Shapes and Forms Volume 1!  OK, maybe just finish Rotation and play with Pivot and Quotient.  And maybe Radial.  And if I could just figure out whether Slope would work on me or not…I kind of want to knit it anyway…

Thorn.  Sigh.

A little birdie gifted me the Sitka Spruce hat pattern.  Which only makes me want to knit Snowflake.  And while we’re at it, Drift is looking very cozy…

And then there’s been the obsession I’ve had with Amalia since I saw this sample at Shall We Knit in June 2010…



Yep.  That should be just enough knitting to get me through 4 weeks.

Totally doable, right?  RIGHT???

That’s what I thought you said…



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