Bare Naked Knitspot

I’m a dyer.  And am madly in love with colour.  But when I’m at fibre festivals, it’s the natural yarns that I’m drawn to.  Ones that come from small companies and small family farms.

Anne Hanson’s Bare Naked Knitspot Club focuses on just that: yarns and patterns that show off the amazing range of colours and textures of some of Anne’s favourite natural finds.

The club is a six month membership of fibers in their natural, undyed state where members learn about and appreciate the unique characteristics of each. yarns will be a surprise each month but will include a range of animal and/or vegetable fibers (sheep, goat, camelids, yak, silk, and cotton are some possibilities) in shades from cream to khaki to gray to chocolate—”sheepy” yarns if you will. Some will be soft, some will be lustrous, some will have stout, sturdy character that softens over time with long use (like vintage blue jeans). yarn weights will vary; projects will focus on accessories, scarves, and shawls (possibly including a sock or baby item) that feature lace and openwork stitch patterns.

It never fails to amaze me how much colour there can be in “natural” yarns.  Just look at this rich green cotton!


I still have a sweater made with one of the very first “colour grown” cottons.  It’s amazing how far this process has come.

And this cool, stone grey alpaca/merino/nylon blend, spun especially for Anne, makes me desperately wish I wasn’t allergic to alpaca!!



And the latest offering is this beautiful, caramel silk…


All, of course, enhanced by Anne’s exquisite designs, in a range from the very clean and simple…


to textures you want to snuggle up in…


to colour work…


Want to know more?  Information about Barenaked Knitspot and signups are here.  Signups are open until spots sell out, and shipments begin in February!


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