Review: Knit Accessories by Kate Atherley


Kate Atherley makes knitting accessible.  Her first book, Beyond Knit & Purl, is like having Kate sit beside you and guide you through the basics of knitting…and a little bit.  You see every seasoned knitter I’ve met who’s picked up Beyond Knit & Purl has learned something new.  That is no small accomplishment.

In Knit Accessories: Essentials & Variations, Kate provides us with classic, simple patterns for hats, scarves & cowls, mitts, socks and legwarmers.  With choices.

Every pattern is written in 2 gauges, and shown in both solid and variegated yarns. So you not only know the patterns will work in both, but can get a sense of which look you prefer.  And not quite in love with every detail?
Kate also guides you through creating your own designs and variations.

With Kate, it’s always the details.  No stone is unturned in this book. From preparation (choosing the right yarn and sneaky ways of getting measurements for gift knitting) to process (variations and designing your own), Kate covers it all.  Including tricks and tips for  managing all the niggling details that we all run into in our knitting.

Put this one on your shelf.  You’ll reach for it every fall and winter to keep yourself, family and friends warm.

To win a copy of Knit Accessories: Essentials & Variations from Cooperative Press, leave a comment on this post before December 5 at noon (Eastern)!


51 thoughts on “Review: Knit Accessories by Kate Atherley

  1. sounds like a great book:) I would love to win a copy:) I’m going to see if my library has it and it not, I’ll request that it be purchases:)

  2. I love the idea of this book – basic patterns with options and variations – also love accessories books in general. This is going on the Wish list for my personal library.

  3. I’ve taken a couple of courses taught by Kate at my lys. She is so clever. I bet the book is great, and would love to get my hands on a copy.

  4. Wow! I’m going to have to put this one on the table next to the knitting chair, not the shelf! Sounds like there are so many helpful things in there!

  5. Sounds like a good read – time to add another knitting book to the giftmas list!

    I really appreciate craft books that are more than a collection of patterns. Extra details, variations, and customizing pieces are what I look forward to the most when I knit.

  6. This is the kind of book I like to have on my reference shelf. I’d like to own it, because I like the basic framework instructions, allowing me to tweak, adjust, and get creative! Thanks for the review!

  7. i am a huge fan of Cooperative Press (CP) – it actually reminds me of Indigodragonfly –
    a small business that does such a wonderful job that you forget the owner(s) is (are) just about the only people working behind the scenes.

    CP has a staff of 1.5 people… and despite that, they put out books that are top notch and fill each book’s niche beautifully – and much better than many (most) large publishers – Kudos to Shannon!

    CP is able to publish unknowns and to bring us incredible books written by authors that might otherwise have gone unpublished – thankfully CP brought them to us, which is our win!
    They also go to great lengths to keep their books printed in North America, which is just one of the many things that make me a fan of not only their books, but CP itself.

    I own many CP books and could go on and on about each of them…
    One of their books (“Extreme Double Knitting” by Alasdair Post-Quinn) made it to the table next to my knitting chair, right alongside “Principles of Knitting”, which says a lot…

    I’ll finish up by saying that CP has a group on Ravelry (as does Extreme Double Knitting).
    What did we do before Ravelry? …
    But a better question: What would we do without our small businesses that make a huge difference? My answer: I don’t want to find out…

    I’m thankful for these (and many more) small businesses that make such a huge impact on our fibre journeys.
    Yes, Thank you…

    • Um… How could I have forgotten the main reason for my post…
      I own Kate Atherley’s “Beyond Knit & Purl”, and “Knit Accessories” is on my must-buy list (going in my cart very soon!).
      I enjoy her writing and her style 🙂

  8. Neat! I so need that book, everyone (the CCMZSoD) keeps harassing me to teach them how to knit all the basic things. If I win the book then I can have Kate help! And you know, maybe use up some of my string collection in the process.

  9. I didn’t know that Kate had a second book out! Thank you for reviewing because I know this is one I’d like to get… and a little birdie told me that Kate might be doing a class at my LYS! Having solid/ variegated pics of the same FO is a really great idea – sometimes schematics only go so far!

  10. I have been lucky enough to take a couple of courses from Kate. For me, it’s her insistence on correct fit that is inspiring. I would love to have a book that would feel like Kate was sitting beside me!

  11. please oh please. perhaps this book would help in individualizing sizing patterns for various family members.

  12. I love the idea of a book that helps with the backbone and then lets you flesh it out from there! And sneaky ways of getting measurements sounds quite useful, too…

  13. Kate always manages to find a new way to represent old techniques. If this one is even half as good as the first it will be well worth purchasing.

  14. What fun, looks like there’s lots there to learn. As well as some super patterns. I join those who would really love to own it.

  15. I rarely comment on these “comment to win” things, but variations on basic themes is SO right up my alley, I couldn’t stay away from this one.

  16. I had a class with Kate at Shall We Knit? this past month, and I browsed through the preview copy the store had. It’s an amazing book, and I wish that I could win it.

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