THAT Letter (the third)

You thought we’d forgotten about this, hadn’t you? 😉


First, all of this works so much better if you use our Wish List.  (You can also find this by clicking the “My indigodragonfly wish list” button right over there on the left)

Two versions of this year’s letter:  long and short.  You know what to do.

Version 1: the Epic  (Download PDF: THAT letter 2012)

Dear _____________ (spouse/sibling/BFF/parent(s)/dog, cat or python/boss/all of the above):

As you know, ____________________ (Christmas/Chanukah/Solstice/my birthday/your birthday/Valentine’s Day/Groundhog Day/THAT special anniversary/that day when you really need to suck up because you broke that thing I love) is coming up very soon. I think we would both like me to be happy with your chosen gift. Let me assist you in that endeavour.

Step 1: Email indigodragonfly:  orders AT (or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, go to their website & peruse the yarn (try not to laugh…this is serious business!):

Step 2: Give them my list

  • ________________
  • _________________
  • more ______________
  • oh yeah, and _____________
  • all the yarn in the universe
Actually, wait…let me make your life easier, I have registered my wish list with the Cute & Cuddly Mutant Zombie Squirrels of Doom:


**Please Note: Cute & Cuddly Mutant Zombie Squirrels Of Doom not exactly as shown – they’re usually holding some kind of brain-removing utensil and filling the house with nefarious laughter… 

who will eagerly assist you in your attempts at “Oh God, please just promise me she/he’ll like it!”  Because seriously, do you even know what Holiday Giftapalooza means?? 

All orders received by December 8 will be shipped on December 10 and should (Canada Post and USPS willing) arrive at all US and Canadian (outside of Ontario) destinations in time for Christmas.  All Ontario orders received by December 15  will ship on December 17 and should arrive in time for Christmas.  For all other occasions, allow 2 weeks for deliveries outside Ontario, and 1 week for delivery within Ontario.

Oh wait…you left this till the last minute again, didn’t you?  And you think it’s too late? No worries, the CCMZSoD have that covered too.  If you’re a little late, they will personally send an electronic card you can print out me so that I have something to open while stalking ___________, our local postal worker.

Electronic gift certificates are also available in any denomination and can be emailed to you right up to Christmas Eve, and redeemed at anytime. Just email Kim at and tell her it’s for me and how much you’d like to spend…then all you have to do is print it out and make sure you have your earplugs handy.  The squeeing will be epic.

Your ever loving _______________________

PS: Failure to do any of the above will result in a visit from the NOT so Cute & Cuddly Mutant Zombie Squirrels of Doom:

Uneasy alliance

(Yeah.  I thought that’s what you’d say. Louie the Muscle Chipmunk will be inside one of them, waiting to drop the (yummy holiday mixed nuts) hammer should things get out of hand. Just sayin’…)

Version 2: Short, Sweet & to the Point (Download PDF That letter 2012 – short)

Dear ____________,

1. Email Kim or Ron at indigodragonfly (orders AT

2. Tell them who I am and that you want to spend $ _____ (you choose the amount)

3.  Wait for an invoice…they will do the rest, including sending you a card to print out for me if you waited till the last minute again.

Do all this and there will be ___________________ for you at the end of all this.



2 thoughts on “THAT Letter (the third)

  1. So what happens if mom and the Mister don’t do Paypal? The short and sweet letter works very effectively for both (cuz you know, otherwise I have to own up to my own spending habits, at least where the Mr. is concerned and this is NOT the time of year to do such things)

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