Yarn Update: All. Of. The. Yarn.


Over the past two days, the minions, grunions and opposable-thumbed onions got together and plotted a devious plan.

And what was that plan, you might ask?? (Yes, you may.)

The Plan (it was that good of a plan that it required a capital “P”): to go through all the yarn in the house, studio, bath tub & yarn grotto and come up with a listing of All.The. Yarn.

That’s right, All. The. Yarn. Dump ’em out, do the mother of all role calls, & haul their sorry yarn butts up to the photography studio in order to Stand Up and Be Counted. (surprisingly it’s not as humorous to watch an onion taking a photo than you would think…)

So, anyway, the end result: all yarn pages are up to date, all the pretties have their class pictures, old yarn pages have been removed, sold skein photos gone buh-bye, and pages for the newer yarn bases have been added.

Order Muppet sez Hooray!


Chaos Muppet sez Mess It Up!

So. There. Well over 100 skeins have been added to the Available Yarn pages, just in time for ogling n oohing n aaahing n pawing n the usual caterwauling when fresh meat is in the grinder. So…

Dig In, Y’all!


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