Yarn Update: Ellie Kits, MCS Sock

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Welcome!  Today’s update includes kits for Lynne Sosnowski’s Ellie Mitts and MCS Sock

Email orders to: orders@indigodragonfly.ca to place all orders.  Let us know: 1)  what you would like to purchase, 2) where you live (state/province/country), and 3) whether you would like us to wind your yarn into cakes (charge of $1 per skein with proceeds going to our Otis Houndation).  A PayPal invoice will be mailed to you that includes airmail shipping (or surface mail if you’re in Ontario). All sales are in Canadian dollars, with PayPal calculating the exchange. Please allow approx. 1 – 2 weeks for delivery in Canada, 1 – 3 weeks for deliveries to the United States, and 2 – 8 weeks for international shipping (and possibly a bit longer depending on where you are). *********************************************************************************************************

Ellie by Lynne Sosnowski for Shall We Knit?

photo ©Lynne Sosnowski

Ellie kits contain:

  • enough yarn to knit either the short or long version (coming soon!)
  • Ellie pattern in your choice of hard copy (short only) or PDF (will receive pattern updates)
  • 4 buttons, chosen specifically for your yarn


Merino Sock – Short: $21.95 MCN Sock – Short: $24.95 Merino Sock – Long: $32.95 MCN Sock – Long: $36.95 Available colours are below ordering instructions. To order: Email orders AT indigodragonfly.ca (NOT .com) and tell us: 1) what you’d like to order 2) where you live (country or province if you live in Canada) We will confirm your order and send a paypal invoice to you. All prices are in Canadian funds. Currency conversion will happen in Paypal.

MCN Sock (80% merino/10% cashmere/10% nylon)

Squid Vicious

1 long or 2 short

MERINO SOCK (100% superwash merino)

Lord Chatterley’s Divorce Attorney

1 short

Tweety of Versailles

3 long or 6 short

Türtljägr: When Frögschläger Just Isn’t Enough

2 long or 4 short


1 short

Kathleen Turner Overdrive (High Fidelity)

Medium (left): 1 long or 2 short

Dark (right): 1 long or 2 short

Sonic F#%^ing Death Monkey (High Fidelity)

1 short

The Urkel of Life (You can’t stop singing “Circle of Life”, can you?)

3 long or 6 short

Joseph and the Rather Nondescript Faux-Suede Trenchcoat  

1 long or 2 short


1 long or 2 short

I’ve Never Been Up With People Before (Xander)

1 Short

Just One Stanley Cup In My Lifetime, Is That Too Much To Ask?

1 short

20,000 Lawyers Under the Sea

1 long or 2 short

What the Hay?

1 long or 2 short

Who’s a Guy Gotta Kill to Get a Drink Around Here (Angelus)

1 short

MCS Sock: 75% merino/15% cashmere/10% silk – 400 yds per 115 g – $29

Polite Loner

Series A (standard) – 3 Skeins Available

Series B (variegated) – 3 Skeins Available


20,000 Lawyers Under The Sea

2 Skeins Available

Bunnies, Bunnies, It Must Be Bunnies! (Anya – Buffy series)

3 Skeins Available

People Are Particularly Stupid Today; I Cannot Speak To Any More Of Them. (Gilmore Girls series)

5 Skeins Available

I Made That Tape Special For Today! (High Fidelity series)

1 Skein Available


Is She All Green And Fuzzy And Mossy? (High Fidelity series)

5 Skeins Available


2 Skeins Available

Don’t You Have An Elsewhere To Be? (Cordelia – Buffy series)

4 Skeins Available

Tiny Bloodsucking Dancer

2 Skeins Available

Sonic F@#$ing Death Monkey! (High Fidelity series)

7 Skeins Available


4 thoughts on “Yarn Update: Ellie Kits, MCS Sock

  1. For the record- just because I tell you I change a colourway name in my head doesn’t mean I expect you to actually *change anything*. As if you need my help in the hilarious names for things department.

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