Bowling & Books!

Hi There,

On Saturday October 27, I’ll be slipping on my special shiny gold-patent-leather (pleather?) bowling shoes and spending two hours on the planks as part of a Bowling Marathon to raise funds for the Haliburton County Red Wolves. HCRW is a volunteer organization that is part of Special Olympics Ontario and offers training and sporting competitions for special ability athletes from ages 11 to 65, as well as helping out with other costs such as transportation and accommodation. I am a proud member of the community radio station Canoe FM‘s Tippy Canoe Team (but no Tyler too, unfortunately for U.S. readers), and if I bowl really poorly, then at least I can say I was the team’s anchor (insert groan here).

On Thursday November 1, Kim & I are attending the Toronto release party/reading bunfest/excuse to drink until one can no longer spell properly of my latest poetry collection entitled Atlas Sneezed by Montreal publisher Cactus Press. This is a fine collection of word-bending hooliganism, and I guarantee a thee and thou frou frou-free reading experience. Yes, I write more than awesome yarn colourway names and ad copy!

We will be taking back up north with us 50 copies of Atlas, and I would like to offer them to you the Indigodragonfly family first. They’ll be going for $10 each (tax & shipping included!), and $3 of that will be going to the Red Wolves folk. If you would like to spend a few dollars extra for a copy, that extra amount will go fully to the HCRW. And if that weren’t incentive enough, The Otis Houndation will be matching dollar for dollar the charitable portion of all monies raised. All ordering and billing will be done through the usual yarn hotline, and let me know if you’d like the copy to be autographed or including any special inscription.

So, Act Now! Don’t Delay! Louie the Guard Chipmunk is waiting to take your order! (Well, he’s probably just hanging around looking for sunflower seeds, but he has to earn his keep somehow so might as well put him in charge of the shipping…) If there are any unexpected delays in getting the books from the Publisher (as they’re not scheduled to be in my furry little paws until Nov. 1), all purchasers will be notified ASAP.

So, to sum things up: Recycle A Tree, Support A Good Cause, Stroke A Maniacal Writers’ Inflated Ego! Also, check out Canoe FM online – community radio at its finest (including my show Needles & Threads: Monday nights from 9 – 10 pm Eastern Standard Time) – A Must!

Thanks for your support,

Gutterball Evans






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