Spatial Distortion

I love to knit.  I love to know approximately where my knitting is going, but enjoy it most when I’m not tied to the pattern, having to check it every few rows. So I’ve been experimenting with different ways of approaching knitting.

The first pattern to evolve from this experiment was Cliffs of Insanity.  Which I loved knitting.  And have knit several times.  It changes every time.  And when I get bored, I change it again.  Some have described it as “off-road knitting”.  Some “improv knitting”.  Which is appropriate, considering my music degree focused on improvised and contemporary music. (You knew that, right?)

But that method confounds and, quite frankly, freaks the hell right out of some of you.  (You…the one curled up in the fetal position at the thought…yes YOU)

Have you seen this article?  It kind of explains it all.  In a very general sense, some of us are Order muppets, and some of us are Chaos muppets.  (And yes, some of us wander around straddling that line.  Those muppets can chose their way.)

Tangent: when first told about this theory, I had to think about which kind of Muppet I am.

(Stop laughing. I mean it. It’s not polite to laugh )

So here are 2 patterns that offer options for both Muppet types:

Order: structured, line-by-line instructions and a set number of colours and stripes so you know what you’ll have at the end.

Chaos: guidelines that show the basic structure of each piece, how to shape and  details that help you get the most beautiful results.  The rest is all up to you.  Colours.  Design decisions.  All yours.

Spatial Distortion: Loop – $6
A cowl in 3 sizes.


Spatial Distortion: Shift – $6
A scarf or wrap in two sizes.

Or get both Loop and Shift in the Spatial Distortion ebook – $10


4 thoughts on “Spatial Distortion

  1. Ma na Ma na! I think I’m a chaos muppet on the outside with a hard caramel order muppet inside. Oddly I think my hubs is the opposite so I guess that’s good – outside he’s very ordered… inside (and I think the wake of devastation he leaves behind is good proof) he’s chaos

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