That Marathoner Who Staggers Into the Stadium a Week Late…

So I had the best intentions. Really. The week of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, Amy released this pattern.. So clearly that was my project. And it was going really well too. I was making good time. Lots of knitting got done. I loved every part of it.

But then reality stepped in. There were things I knew would make this sweater so much better. It needed a little more ease. Not a lot…but I just knew that 1 more inch of ease in the back would turn this from a cardigan I only wore on special occasions, to a cardigan I’d throw on every time I left the house. The chosen one.

One inch of extra stitches. That’s all it would take.

While I was at it, the colour wasn’t quite right. It was beautiful, but there was something missing. A brightness. A glow. When a colour is exactly right, I get very excited about it and start having daydreams about all the amazing things it will be when knitted up. For me, this one wasn’t quite right. So when I restarted the cardigan and put it down to contemplate, I knew it wasn’t right for me. The second time I picked it up, knit 5 stitches and then put it down again, a declaration of “I’ll redye it for you” came from the other side of the car.

I know. you want one of these, don’t you?

I gave very specific instructions.

I left this note on the pot:


(That’s Scaredy Squirrel on the bottom. You can’t say no to Scaredy!)

At this point we’re a week into the Olympics. I have frogged an entire fingering weight sweater back. I have declared the yarn colour unsuitable. I have driven Ron near crazy with microscopically detailed colour instructions, and have been pointedly told that HE has, prior to this day, dyed the VERY BEST version of this colour. Ever. (Sooooooo not true. This is my absolute favourite colour. Clearly I do it best because I know it best. You’re with me on that one, right?) New yarn has been dyed. And I’m undecided.

Yes, this is the part where I admit the full depths of my insanity. Clearly I am driving the shortbus.
I’m undecided. Between the new yarn, and the old yarn. The colours of which are so close that if I took a photo of them side by side, you would be here in 30 seconds to slap me silly. We are in the middle of a marathon dyeing session, and every time I pass the drying racks, I hold the two colours up to each other, comparing them. On that particular day, several people stopped by our studio, and I asked every single one of them which they would choose. Including my father. Who gave me that look that lets me know he secretly wonders if I might possibly be the milkman’s daughter, because that would explain so much.

And then I heard this:

“You will knit with the yarn I dyed for you and like it!”



I guess I will.


Mods: added an inch of width in the centre back to ensure I had some ease, but still a great fit in the shoulders. Added an inch of width to each of the fronts for better coverage.


And one of the back:


Finished exactly 1 week after the Closing Ceremonies, and so totally worth it.
The colour? Perfect.
The fit? Perfect.
Was it worth knitting almost twice? Absolutely.

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10 thoughts on “That Marathoner Who Staggers Into the Stadium a Week Late…

  1. It was all worth it, Scaredy Squirrel and all. The sweater is beautiful, Kim! Hats off to Ron for the great dye job. Erm, is it okay to ask him to dye some for me too or would that finally push him over the edge?

  2. Here comes my crazy. It needs more of the dark. Everyone’s Tardis blues lack the depth it needs, this comes the closest in the dark spots. That is the PERFECTEST Tardis blue. I would knit for weeks on end with it!

    • Ah, but you see it depends on where your inspiration comes from! ;). For the record, mine comes from the images of the TARDIS hurtling through space and time and all the highlights and lowlights that reflect off of it. Not standing still and static.

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