Who’s Our Next Contestant?

***PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for this contest was Friday July 13 – Thank you for your comments!!!***

This is TARDIS.

Everybody say hello to TARDIS.

What’s that you say? You’ve seen TARDIS before?

Not this TARDIS.

Every now and then, our yarn suppliers send us a new fun yarn to dye up, play with, poke with pointy sticks and otherwise subject to the Praise/Mock Scale. And such is the case with TARDIS.

Now this TARDIS is 400 yards & 100 g, and is a Merino/Nylon/Cashmere blend, and is Superwash. (Please Note: This is in no way related to the left-handed South Polwarth yarn. Really.)

Now this is where you come in!

What we’re looking for is a minion/brave soul/guinea pig to commit to inviting TARDIS into your home, to knit up something pretty with it. And all you have to do is the following:

By responding to this post by hitting the REPLY button, describe in one sentence only what you’re going to knit and why you’re the most deserving minion to receive the TARDIS. This will start immediately (well, as soon as you’ve read this) and will run until 12 Noon on Friday July 13, Eastern Standard Time, at which time we’ll put our collective noggins together and choose the winning entry by Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock (or names in a big Cat-In-The-Hat hat).

But wait – there are expectations!

Since this is a test skein and will be sent to you free of charge (not even postage!), we will require input from you on how the yarn knits up, and photos of your progress. Ideally, since this is a one-skein promotion, we’d like to have a final report with photos of the finished project by August 31.

Okay, so that’s the deal. Now think hard, be creative in your proposals (and bribery!), and let us know why you’re a superstar!








42 thoughts on “Who’s Our Next Contestant?

  1. I would knit the “Bigger on the Inside” shawl, because what better yarn for a dr who scarf, than a color named Tardis.
    And I would make a fantastic minion, since I dreamed that I met another Indigodragonfly minion at a fiber festival, and she drove me out to your house. Only you and Ron were too busy having a paintball war, so I and fellow minion just hung out on your couch and knitted.
    If dreaming about knitting at your place isn’t a sign of minionesqueness, I don’t know what is.

    • Realized that “Bigger” wouldn’t work–this is what happens what you are too excited to take the time to check things like yardage requirements.
      Second attempt:

      I would knit the “Dragonfly Wings” shawl to properly showcase the beauty of the yarn; I am the choicest minion, since I dreamed that I met another minion who drove me out to your house–only you and Ron were too busy having a paintball war, so I and fellow minion just hung out on your couch and knitted.

      (If dreaming about knitting at your place isn’t a sign of minionesqueness, I don’t know what is.)

  2. That is beautiful but not enough to knit’ Bigger on the Inside’ so I can’t imaging what else I would knit plus I’m a slow as molasses knitter so don’t bother choosing me but I hope the test is great because it looks like lovely yarn and the color is fabulous.

  3. Let’s see… It’s Tardis, and it’s me, and I still have working notes for my wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey socks (which I would then work on writing up)…

  4. oh, I love it.It is truly yarn that even Mrs Nostradamus wishes she could knit with!

    I promise, if chosen, to knit something that a centurion would guard thru time, that would be better than burning up a sun over, that would make Stormaggedon, Dark Lord of All learn to walk for, and maybe even keep River Song in one place for once!

  5. My friend the doctor loving, ever giving lady called Wendy has perpetually cold hands that need to be warmed so she can work efficiently, and, as she has been such a wonderful friend to me, I have it in my head to design and knit her a pair of fingerless mitts, for which this yarn would be at once the perfect color and weight, as well as theme and squishy warminess with which to show her my appreciation for having her in my life, so that at the completion of the project I will have notes on the new amazing yarn, a new pattern to offer the knitting realm, and a lovingly handmade gifty.

  6. I would knit something light, lacy, and simple, classic and fashionable, appropriate for wearing in multiple eras; after all, The Doctor would certainly prefer to travel with someone who knows how to dress and can correctly use a semi-colon. 😉

    (I am a professional and experienced test and sample knitter. I am good at observing deadlines, I am a new Dr. Who fan, and I look good in blue. My one weakness is cashmere.)

  7. If the magic Sorting Hat were to choose me as the most deserving minion (which I am not, but minionhood is a many paths up the mountain experience) I would use it to knit Meghan’s Dubliner.

    The squoosh of the cashmere in that lovely woven edging band thingie (see how I rock out all the technical describing words for feedback purposes?) and the ZOMG-I-can-wear-this-around-my-children-ness of Superwash? *swoons onto my fainting couch*

    And then I would wear my new Objet to the first day of school and all the other teachers would be jealous of my knitwear and want to be my friend. Or maybe that part is just wishful thinking.

  8. I am a mad scientist minion with a knitting lab notebook, a lightbox and a sonic screwdriver, and I would love to knit some fingerless gloves and use the leftover yarn for rigorous swatch testing!

  9. Alas, as a minion, I am not worthy of such bounty. But, if I were, I’d knit Dragonfly Wings, because like any good minion, I ‘m a big fat suck-up.

  10. I’d knit two pairs of Susie’s Reading Mitts (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/susie-rogers-reading-mitts). One would go to my librarian mom, who’s driving across the country just to help me move for law school. The other I would keep for myself so that when I’m holed up in the library for days on end I can look at my warm hands and be grateful that nothing’s casting two shadows. As for why I’m the most deserving of minions, the best that I can come up with is that I have time to knit now and come September, that probably won’t be the case.

  11. I would totally make a beautiful scarf – in crocheted shell stitches- and of course give you feedback on how it feels to crochet with this lovely amazing yarn. Also blue is my favourite colour and matches my eyes! Pick me – Pick me!!!

  12. I would knit myself a pair of cozy blue socks that can bend space and time, so that I can get all my work done AND take an afternoon nap at the same time.

  13. I would have to knit the Zigzag Wanderer to accompany me on my journey’s through time and space, including a trip up to Haliburton the week of the Fling.

  14. I would knit “Simmer Dim” by Gudrun Johnston. I have recently been looking for the right yarn for that shawl/scarf. At 400 yards and yummy merino/nylon/cashmere, Tardis would be a perfect combination. After a very difficult school year, I need a luxury knit! and this yarn looks beautiful.

  15. I would knit the “Hippatizing Scarf” because it’s both self-serving and a fabulous one skein quick knit, pick me and I’ll darn all the ends in on your finished projects.

  16. I would make a Storm Cloud Shawlette (available on Ravelry) by Hanna Breetz. That blue squishy goodness deserves to be snuggled up and enjoyed. And I would so love to do that 🙂

  17. OK, this is tough, but here goes:

    I think that glorious squishiness deserves to be next to the face of one of your Ravellenics co-captains and a most dedicated minion, so I would knit a beautiful scarf like Anne Hanson’s Aria Delicato or Bea Schmidt’s Maluka.

  18. The TARDIS, in it’s wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey way, has brought me back to tell you you gave it to me, and I created an awesome “Bigger On The Inside” shawl during my summer off. I left my camera phone back in September first (forward in September first?), so I can’t show you how I incorporated some sewable electronics to add flashing white LEDs to the top of some of the knitted TARDIS’s….you’ll have to wait until I get forward to September. It looks pretty awesome though, and the yarn was a dream to knit with! Thank you from the bottom of a geek computer teacher’s heart! 🙂

    • oh, and re:minions – I know it takes to be a good minion. In real life, I herd/corral/organize/teach a group of Dr Who/Sherlock/Firefly lovin’ minions!

  19. Well, I’m not a superstar… Does that disqualify me?

    I am a yarn-listener (or maybe yarn-whisperer – but don’t tell anyone ^.^)
    When I see and feel a yarn, it tells me what it wants to be…

    This 400 yards (100 g) of a Superwash Merino/Nylon/Cashmere blend, named TARDIS, is telling me that if it landed in my hands, it would want to be a mobius with a specific (yes I know which one (or maybe there are 2 contenders)) stitch pattern that, while not the same on both sides, would look beautiful on both sides…

    And this stitch pattern is a simple one that has a look of a more complicated one (big bang for your buck) – so (shhhh) it would be a very easy stitch pattern to follow… but perhaps it may be asking for an interesting “finish” – perhaps – not sure, but perhaps a decorative bind off to capture the beauty of this bind-off-being-all-one-long-and-winding-road…

    I would follow the rules and photo-finish 🙂
    But it would be an experiment in that it’s not a pattern that’s out there (not this specific combo) – this one lives in my head for now… but it wants to come out a play… So, if not this TARDIS, then another luscious yarn will become this mobius (I know which of my stash yarn’s is asking to become this mobius… soon… so, if not TARDIS, this other yarn will be first runner up…)

    • Oh, I’ll do this again – missed the one sentence part:
      A mobius knit with a beautiful but easy stitch pattern and possibly a showey bind off.

  20. I am after all a reincarnated Bower Bird, so this BLUE stirs my inner avian-blue-scavenging soul, and Romi’s Celaeno is the pattern that flew into my head.

  21. This experimental Tardis, being, by all my imagination and experience tell me, a delightfully soft and squishy creation, needs to become something that will touch skin a little, so a lacy cowl in a stitch pattern that is neither too easy nor too hard is calling. Needles at the ready! Design chart to the screen!
    Oops! Yarn is not here yet!

  22. Oh! I would knit a Tardis scarf based on the Tardis shawl with a litlle Tardis on each end and maybe a traveling wandering rib between the two. Suitable for the Doctor himself or any other deserving soul.

  23. TARDIS! Oh, you beautiful Time and Relative Dimension in Space, you. So unpredictable. (Of course, in the episode when the ship’s consciousness briefly inhabits a humanoid body, she reveals that the “unpredictability” was actually intentional on her part in order to get the good Doctor where he “needed to go” as opposed to where he “wanted to go”. I should try that one on my kid…)

    What pattern is worthy? Perhaps Twisted socks? (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/twisted-8) Although I’m not sure I would hide this gorgeous yarn inside my shoes. I believe it comes down to either the Lunatis Folium shawl (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lunatis-folium) – besides it being a beautiful pattern I initially misread it as Lunatic, which seems appropriate – or the Lapse of Reason moebius (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lapse-of-reason), which is appropriate enough without being misread.

    And I’m a very deserving minion, as I quite properly totally ignored the instruction to write one sentence only, since I know you didn’t really mean it, right? (I’m posting what you “need to know” as opposed to what you “want to know”….OMG, I’m channeling TARDIS!!!) I would, however, follow the other rules, just to confuse you.

    Besides, I don’t have nearly enough indigodragonfly yarn to play with.

  24. I think you should let me test the yarn because I made you a unicorn mug cozy for Christmas and I’ll do it again (or worse) if I don’t get my way. I’d knit deviate because it is clean, fresh and perfect for showing off your semi solids.

  25. I will be heartbroken if I miss out on a skein of my absolute favorite color, Tardis (just look at my buying history, FPS!) and would likely knit a Shetland Triangle because it’s my favorite shawl pattern and I gave the last one away to Great Grandma.

  26. Hello. I would knit Lady Sunshine gloves, I have just recently been turned on to your yarn and I welcome the opportunity to become more obsessed with with your lovely colourways and bases.

  27. I would create a pattern of Space-Time Traveling Socks for my son. He’s jealous over the “Bigger on the Inside” shawl and wants socks.

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