“Colour Space is Infinite”

Here’s what you missed this week in Dyeing to Design at the Haliburton School of The Arts.

Dyeing colour pyramids

Kim may have borrowed one of the cakes from the last one. Not me-Kim…the other Kim. And yes, that did get confusing. πŸ˜‰

Making mini-skeins of every. single. colour.

Note from the class: if you overachieve and want to dye 3 pyramids instead of 1, you WILL have to wind off THREE TIMES as many colour samples. That may get old and bring you ALMOST to the point of complaining, stamping feet and rolling eyes. Until you get to THAT colour…you know the one. Then it allllll goes away.

I think Kim likes her yarn...

Speaking of overachieving:

Claire’s souvenir yarn, based on the colours of the frog she saw that morning

Colour gradations

S dyeing all the colours of birch bark (even the inside layers)

Mona’s rainbow felted pillow covers

Sarah’s colourwork chart for her hat cowl hat cowl

M’s experimental yarn

For those following the Unified Theory of Muppet Types (Order Muppet vs. Chaos Muppet), M insists that she is a totally different muppet type:
@wisehilda @etcgirlthefirst @shallweknit: new muppet type alert

The many faces of Holly:
“Look! I made yarn!”
Holly wants to be on the blog. What do you think?
“Ohhhhh…you told me something kind of sad cute sad cute…sad? cute?”
I lied. Some people DO finish their project...

Trying on the new dye jobs

That’s Caitie on the right. That is also Caitie’s sad face. Seriously. She spent the whole week practically bursting out of her skin like an excited 5 year old told they can have ice cream for every meal for a week.

All the yarn and knitting

Oh. And an aquatic giraffe.

And just in case you wanted to know how many colour pyramids we could have created…

…the final answer was…well, actually, I forget. But when our intrepid mathematicians were asked to figure out how many colours we could make by mixing combinations of the colours we had mixed, one may have been heard to sigh…

“Colour space is infinite!”


5 thoughts on ““Colour Space is Infinite”

  1. Kim, please say you will be doing this again. But with me, too. Please. It looks like the very best time possible. I promise I would have the (perfectly-described) exact-same deliriously-thrilled, favourite- ice-cream-overdose face as Caitie does above. Trying to not be sad about missing this, and instead focus on next time when I *will*/MUST attend. Right? Okay, great. ;-> Thank-you.

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