Horton Hears A Hoser, eh!

Welcome to Canada, home of:

immensely talented knitwear designers and authors…

Anna Dalvi – Knit and Knag
Natalie Selles – Leeleetea
Kate Atherley
Meghan Jackson
Glenna C
Spilly Jane
Heidi Kirrmaier
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Amy Singer

some of our favourite yarn shops…

Beehive Wool Shop
From Ewe to You
Just Knitting
Espace Tricot
Lettuce Knit
Needles in the Hay
The Purple Purl
Shall We Knit

And now, since it’s Canada Day (the same as July 4th – Independence Day, but three days earlier due to Metric System conversion rates), some Canadian Moments in Time & Culture!!

1) Some of our most-beloved past Prime Ministers:

Canadian Music:
Canadian Icons:
Canadian Cuisine:

Er, That’s It.

Happy Canada Day!


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