Update: Monte meets MCN

To order all items, email us at orders AT indigodragonfly.ca with your list of what you’d like and your country. We’ll email you a paypal invoice that will include actual shipping costs (prior to payment, for your approval).
More details on How to Order

We have 2 brand new, never-been-online-before items for you today!

Monte kits and Ultra MCN Sock yarn.

Meet Monte:

All together
©Heather Sebastian/Joey’s House

The brain-child of Heather Sebastian of Joey’s House, Monte is

“a small monster who likes to hide in corners, play video games and read stories. Unlike many other monsters, Monte is very quiet, and not particularly destructive.”

WE! Have Monte kits/yarn packs.


Each pack contains 3 skeins of merino sock in 3 coordinating colours plus safety eyes and/or buttons for eyes and other embellishment, all contained (at least for the moment…these are proto-monsters, after all…) in a wedge container.


1 pack contains enough materials for 1 Monte. Three packs contain enough for FOUR! Heather’s pattern gives you great instructions on how to make each Monte completely unique. (Please note: yarn packs do NOT include the Monte pattern. Purchasing directly from Heather puts the pattern directly in your Ravelry library!)

Purchase Heather’s pattern online on Ravelry here.

Email us at ordersATindigodragonfly.ca (replace “AT” with “@”; .ca NOT .com) to order yarn packs:

1 pack: $10
3 packs: $27
Colours: let us choose colours for you! Specify ONE colour you love and let us do the rest!

Ultra MCN Sock

Take MCN Sock.  Add 10% MORE cashmere.  What do you get?  A super soft, super light new yarn!  Perfect for shawls and scarves, lightweight cardigans or super luxurious socks. 

Ultra MCN Sock: 70% Superwash Merino/20% Cashmere/10% Nylon, 3 ply sock yarn – 400 yds/115g skein – $29

People Are Particularly Stupid Today. I Cannot Speak to Any More of Them.
Gilmore Girls 


2 Skeins Available


Dark Version – I Skein Available

Death By Helium: When Balloon Animals Go Bad
limited edition


Sold Out!

Captain Tightpants


3 Skeins Available

Au Jus, Having Just Been Diagnosed As Lactose Intolerant, Was Now Officially The Unluckiest Cow In Britain.
limited edition


1 skein available

20,000 Lawyers Under the Sea


Sold Out!

Well Put Me On The Short Bus And Send Me Off To Clueless School. (Lorne The Host) Angel


3 Skeins Available

I Made This Tape Special For Today
High Fidelity


1 Skein Available

Bunnies, Bunnies, It Must Be Bunnies! (Anya)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer


3 Skeins Available (2 medium, 1 lighter(

As God As My Witness, I Thought Turkeys Could Fly.


1 Skein Available

Cute and Cuddly Mutant Zombie Squirrels of Doom


1 Skein Available



 Sold Out!

Also, I Can Kill You With My Brain. (River Tam)


Sold Out!

Squid Vicious


Sold Out!

Did I Listen To Pop Music Because I Was Miserable, Or Was I Miserable Because I Listened To Pop Music?
High Fidelity Series


Sold Out!



Sold Out!

Lambada 3: It’s Tepid!


Sold Out!


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