Come Dye & Knit With Me

Come join me this summer at the Haliburton School of The Arts!  From July 2-6 I’ll be teaching a course called Dyeing to Design.


You will learn how to dye a full colour wheel of yarn, how to combine colours to reflect your own person colour sense and to design, chart and knit a colourwork pattern. Intarsia, fair isle, stranded knitting and double knitting will all be covered.


I’ve designed this course to work for knitters and dyers at a variety of skill levels. No previous dyeing experience is necessary, however you should be able to cast on, knit, purl and bind off before registering. And if you’re a more advanced knitter or dyer, I have a pile of challenges to throw at you! 😉

We will also have opportunities to visit the Indigodragonfly studio…in fact, I’m thinking that a class BBQ is in order.

Online registration for Dyeing to Design is here.

There are lots of options for accomodation in Haliburton, including hotels, Bed & Breakfast, rental cottages, small resorts and camping options.  A full Accomodation Directory can be found at the Haliburton Tourism website.



2 thoughts on “Come Dye & Knit With Me

  1. arrggh – so want to do this. Loads of family and friends in Hal County to stay with…..but this is one of the weeks that small boys aren’t at day camp, and DH is working, so at least for this year, I’m not in…. (goes away to pout).

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