Better Finished

Remember this post?

I chose.

I Made This Tape Special For you, Sailor Bait, Not a Suitable Date for a Mormon

And I finished.


Yes. Colour Affection.


Yes. I drank the Kool-Aid. Or, since I’ve been working on putting together the perfect colour combination since December, maybe I just finished knitting something that fulfilled my perfect pattern storm: unusual construction + beautiful and elegant shape + simple enough to not be married to the pattern, yet interesting enough to keep me going to the end + colour play.

Colour Affection

The colours I chose have names that have a relationship to each other:  I Made This Tape Special for Today (reminds me of every guy I went to high school with who gave me a mixed tape as a sign of affection. So many hours in old record stores…), Sailor Bait: The Official Lipstick of the 2012 Walk of Shame and Not a Suitable Date for a Mormon (named for a person I know who really isn’t. Trust us.)  Basically the trifecta of a really bad first date.  Don’t you think?


What I think is interesting is that the colours go really well together too.  Hmmmm…let’s test this theory some more…

And Then Buffy Staked Edward.  The End., 20,000 Lawyers Under the Sea, Also I Can Kill You With My Brain

Click on the photo to see the names. I’m thinking this is the Snuff Shawl.


9 thoughts on “Better Finished

  1. OMG! LOVE the new shawl and the threesome underneath will make a kick ass version, too!

    We need to start that KAL and SOON…you know, because the sweater KAL isn’t nearly a big enough chunk to bite off. 😉

  2. Beautiful (all of the above)! I vote for a KAL too! CA is on my short list and sometime in June sounds perfect! And, hey!, it’s also a good excuse to keep adding skeins to my cart – so I’ll have options I can play with at home.

  3. You are such a genius! I would never put that magenta with a red; that just sets off all the warning bells for me. But it works! Really gorgeously works. I stand corrected.

  4. Most beautiful version and in the shawl the colors look so different than in the skeins, I love it!
    The next version holds a lot of promise too.

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  6. I have just discovered your blog!! That shawl is amazing, so inspiring! I have also caught the Color Affection bug and bought yarn this morning. Unfortunately living in the sticks in a small town in South Africa, I don’t have access to gorgeous yarn like yours!! 🙂

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