Surprise, Knitty Style

In honour of Threnody, a new pattern by Heatherly Walker, Yarn Yenta published as part of Knitty’s Surprise today, here is a whole new crop of Polwarth Silk!

Threnody is knit using 1 skein, which at 775 yds in a big 250 g skein makes a nice generous size to wrap around yourself.

Email orders to: to place all orders.  Let us know: 1)  what you would like to purchase, 2) where you live (state/province/country), and 3) whether you would like us to wind your yarn into cakes (charge of $1 per skein with proceeds going to our Otis Houndation).  A PayPal invoice will be mailed to you that includes airmail shipping (or surface mail if you’re in Ontario).  Please allow approx. 1 – 2 weeks for delivery in Canada, 1 – 3 weeks for deliveries to the United States, and 2 – 8 weeks for international shipping (and possibly a bit longer depending on where you are). For further information, see How to Order.

DK Polwarth Silk – 75% Polwarth wool/25% Silk – 775 yds per 250 g – $60 per skein

Lambada 3: It’s Tepid

1 skein available

Türtljägr: For When Frögschläger Just Won’t Do

1 skein available

Don’t You Have An Elsewhere To Be? (Cordelia)

3 skeins available

Tiny Bloodsucking Dancer

Sold Out!

You Punched The Highlights Out Of Her Hair!

1 skein available

People Are Particularly Stupid Today. I Cannot Speak To Any More of Them. (Gilmore Girls)

Sold Out!

A Thin Line Between Love and Batteries

2 skeins available

Is the Money OK? Did They Hurt the Money?(Anya – Buffy Series)

2 Skein Available

Bunnies, Bunnies, It Must Be Bunnies! (Anya – Buffy Series)

1 skein available

Captain Tightpants

1 skein available

And Then Buffy Staked Edward. The End.

dark, navy blue with plum and grey undertones and highlights
1 skein available



4 skeins available

Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal! (Wash)

1 Skein Available (light) – 930 yds – $75

Is She All Green And Fuzzy And Mossy? (High Fidelity Special Edition #1)

1 Skein Available – 750 yds – $60


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