About this time a year ago, I woke up, checked my email as per my usual routine and noticed that there was a pingback from this blog post.

You know, as you grow as a small business, you develop customers.  Customers who challenge you to push yourself creatively.  Customers who make you laugh…and cry. (Usually the good way) Customers who become friends and are willing to drive a few hours to come to your house and help you slay a unicorn.

And then there’s Ellen, who has Tasmanian Deviled the heck out of our lives: whipped in, shaken things up and most days has us on that knife’s edge of terror and hysterical laughter.

She, however, seems to think she more resembles Wile E. Coyote.

For the love of wool, do not sell this woman an anvil.


4 thoughts on “Ellenaversary

  1. What can I say? In one year, my stash has gone from one small bag to one small room, I have learnt to knit socks, hats and lacy shawls and that sometimes you’ve just got to rip back and start again. I’ve made wonderful friends, who have often been more supportive than my real life friends and I’ve set the wheels of world domination in motion and put a small knitted toy in the driving seat. All thanks to you.

    PS Wile E Coyote is for Ravelry. On WordPress, I’m a devil rabbit…

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