…if you take the letters of Yailford’s Opal and mix them up, what popular phrase do you get??*


For being such good sports, if you commented on the blog post (or, you know, made an actual order) prior to this post, we’ll throw a little something in with your next order/club shipment! (We’re especially impressed by those of you who thought something might be up, but your yarnlust dictated that you shouldn’t hedge your bets…and commented anyway.)

Also, we wonder what Scottish Silk would feel like…

*in Canada, April Fools ends at noon (it’s noon in our part of Canada now…all attempts at trying to be inclusive of all of Canada have been thwarted)…if you pull an April Fools prank afternoon, you’re the April Fool. Very frustrating for a young Kim, who’s father was known for pulling pranks at 11:58 am, meaning all retaliation backfired.


9 thoughts on “So…

  1. I think I caught on when I got to the: “…it is ideal for left-handed knitters…” and the sheep going up and down,,,, but when I saw all these comments and none saying anything about the date I thought maybe I am wrong…

    Thank you for the important information about the noon deadline.

  2. It was the sheep walking up and down in a particular way that clued me in but I did have some fleeting thoughts that I might be missing out on a really good deal. Well played, Kim!

  3. Duh. I am such a fool. I totally bought it — though I was thinking all the stuff about the sheep’s wool being ideal for left handers and being affected by the rough terrain was bunk. Going through my mind was, “Kim bought into this?!?” Ridiculous that I didn’t take that thought just one step further…

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