New Yarn Base!

***If you are reading this without reading the next post entitled “So…”, you really need to read it first!***

A while back, we came out with the Polwarth Silk base. At 750 yards per 250 g skein, the Polwarth has turned out to be one of our better-selling bases and has been in great demand for larger projects such as sweaters due to the double-skein size. Lately, we have been inundated with requests for a new base with similar length and skein size, and so we went back to the Polwarth distributor for some suggestions. We got samples of several Sport/DK weights in the 250 g double-skein format, and came upon one in particular that is related to the Polwarth Silk but a bit out of our dyeing comfort zone and is, we think, really quite unique in its construction and knitting qualities.

We’ve been interested in late of working with South American wools and fibres, and we’ve decided to try a Chilean yarn known as South Polwarth. Our yarn distributor says the South Polwarth comes from the South-Central district of Chile, and the sheep are mainly bred on the Western slopes of the Andes Mountain range near the town of Chonchi. The South Polwarth is a blend of 10% Scottish Silk, 15% Linen and 75% Yailford’s Opal, a breed specific to the region that is a cross of Merino, Polwarth and South Shetland sheep, hence the name South Polwarth. The Yailford is named as such because it has a very heavy yet soft coat, and in direct light gives off an almost translucent effect, like that of an opal.

The South Polwarth has a unique quality amongst wool bases in that because of the angled clock-wise structure of the wool fibre and local methods used in spinning the yarn, it is ideal for left-handed knitters. The wool gets its unique sub-structure mostly by the sheep constantly walking up and down mountainous slopes, which causes an uneven gait in their step and adds a naturally-angled crimp in the wool. The uneven rocky ground also alternately compresses and contracts the wool, giving it a natural bouncy come-back, which acts almost like a nylon component, so the yarn is not only super-warm but extra strong.

At present, we don’t have any skeins dyed, but what we’ve decided to do for this base is that since we have only a small amount to start with (50 skeins), we’re going to start by  accepting pre-orders for custom dye lots as of 10 am e.s.t. today, and if the demand warrants it, we’ll roll out the South Polwarth on a commercial level in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, we do have about a dozen mini-skeins (approx. 150 yds each) dyed in both TARDIS and Captain Tightpants, so if there’s anyone out there who’d like to get one or two to try out for some small projects/swatches/examples, we’ll ship them out for free but its first come first get! Just leave us a quick word on the post comments (below) and we’ll get your shipping info separate by email or Ravelry – please don’t send any requests directly as we’re trying to keep this separate from the Orders page/email address.


44 thoughts on “New Yarn Base!

  1. I would lov to try this yarn. I really enjoyed polwarth in the December club package. I’d love some tardis blue.

  2. This sounds really lovely! I’d love to try it out in either color. :D. I might even share it with my lefthanded sister who knits to see what she thinks.

  3. Count me in if there’s some left! I have an order in the works too, so you could ship it together.


  4. That yarn sounds delightful! Opals – mmmm. I would happily play with anything in a grey (first choice Bright Lights) colourway. Feels very cowl-ish to me.

    • Duh. And when I parsed your post again, sense came: Tardis preferred, but either is delightful. Thanks. Back to consuming coffee.

  5. If there is any left, I’d love a sample of Tardis. And then if I love it as much as I think I will, I want A LOT MORE TARDIS. Now, explain it to me, are Tardis mini-skeins just small on the outside and much larger on the inside?!

    Rav: HideousAndrea

  6. I would love to sample either as well if there is any still available… I have a feeling they might all be gone though 🙂

  7. Rats…I was good and fed the cat and bird before checking the blog so it looks like I’m too late for a sample, but I’m interested in knowing the parameters for the custom dye orders anyway…


  8. Is it too late to say I’d like to see this in Tardis? Not got that colourway yet and if I am starting my new career as a time-travelling knitter, I’d best get my own time machine 🙂

  9. I would definitely like to try out this new base if at all possible. Probably a bit late though! Any colour is great!

  10. I’d love either a mini skein of Tardis, or a custom order of “You Knocked the highlights out of her hair” or “Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal.”
    Any chance I’d get it?

  11. Oooooh, I really need to keep on top of my blog reading! :-> In the highly unlikely chance that you have any left, may I please try one?
    I am very interested in custom ordering some, too. Do you imagine you might have some available at the Knitter’s Frolic? (Either way, some of this gorgeous yarn will be mine!! Please. ;->)

  12. Ack! Do you still have any mini skeins? I love polwarth wool for spinning, and this particular breed sounds so cool! Maybe you’ll have some available at Frolic?

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