March Break in Waterloo

Well it’s time to tell you about our adventures in Waterloo.  By “we”, I of course mean me and the squirrels. (Tangent: what is it with that crazy law about squirrels not being able to driver’s licenses in Ontario???)

I spent Thursday night hanging out with the Uptown Knit Mob.  Otherwise known as the seedy underbelly of the Waterloo knit world.  OK, maybe only in our house.  And maybe only because we like saying “underbelly”.  The Mob hangs out in parks, restaurants and bars in downtown Waterloo on Thursday nights. I’ve been told many times of their existence, but had pretty much decided that they were, collectively, the Loch Ness Monster of Waterloo.

I can now confirm they do exist. However I believe it’s safer for all of us if I don’t post photos of the sighting. (It’s also entirely possible I was in a driving-coma and may have forgotten to take photos…)

One thing I love about travelling to Waterloo, is that instead of a hotel, they put me up in the guest suite at a downtown condo.  So I have my own little apartment for the week.

This means the Squirrels can make me breakfast every morning:

CCMZSoD make breakfastBut, um, I think this would be a mistake for our fluffy tailed friends...I told them they had to have fruit for breakfast (I told them we needed fruit)

(Anyone want to be the one to tell them it’s full of soap?)

There was teaching at Shall We Knit.  Lots of teaching of lots of wonderful knitters. On Saturday, we played with ALL the colours, trying different combinations and mixing formal colour theory with instinct and inspiration.

(note the unicorn tattoo on Cari. Um. There were many more.)

You know how to scare a really thoughtful knitter? Ask her to choose 10 colour combos in 3 minutes and would she like the duck or the crickets alarm? 😉

Sunday was all about the Cliffs of Insanity scarf. We had lots of small samples of yarns to swatch and play with. Even though I’ve written the pattern for Merino Silk Lace and Habu Silk Stainless Steel, the class is about trying the concepts with different yarns to find the combination of yarn, colour, gauge and stitch patterns that make you fall in love with your knitting:


Karen described this as “going offroading” with your knitting. That’s a great description. Making creative decisions as you go based on what your eye likes. Knowing that there’s no strict pattern that’s “right” is something I love. It’s all about you. Your taste. Your preference.

And then on Tuesday, there was my talk for the KW Knitters Guild. On Knitting Sarcasm. (I’m sorry, I truly don’t understand why the rest of you aren’t as surprised at that request as I am.)

Heather would like you to know that this is what I looked like while speaking:
Minion Kim

She would also like you to know that the podium is not to scale. It was taller than me.

I would like Heather to stuff a sock in it.

Admittedly I set myself up at the podium and Angela, the lovely Guild program coordinator had to gently let me know that perhaps the podium wasn’t such a great idea. You know. Due to the fact I couldn’t see over it.

Also: I may have mentioned to the audience that the last time I spoke at a Guild meeting, I was greeted with “I thought you’d be taller.” We have to excuse them. They were Potters.

This is what I actually looked like:

indigodragonfly at kwkg 6

The Guild members were a lovely and suitably behaved audience and laughed in all the right places. It was my first stab at a humorous talk (stop laughing! There are people out there who think I’m very important and serious)

(For photos of the talk, please refer to the KW Knitters Guild Flickr page)

And then swarmed the yarn table:
indigodragonfly at kwkg 9

Thank you to Shall We Knit for having me come and teach, and to the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters Guild for inviting me to speak. Thank you also to Anne for use of the last 2 photos in this post.


6 thoughts on “March Break in Waterloo

  1. OMG You were so awesome. Thanks for joining the Mob and for the awesome talk at the Guild. I would thank you for the other stuff as well but I was sick as a dog for the rest of it. 😦
    Come back soon! We miss you already!

  2. I don’t belong to the KW Guild, but somehow in the pictures you included you managed to have all the people I know that do. It’s like a special post, just so I can see my friends!

  3. Hey look, it’s me! You were fantastic – thank you again, so much, for joining us. Now, when will you be back?

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