Winter, Friends & Sneakiness

Last weekend was our 3rd annual weekend of dragging some of my best knitting friends to the north for a weekend of knitting, rolling around in yarn and general hanging out.

Not much changes from year to year.

Plates of food randomly appear:


There is knitting…


Vats of yarn line the living room…


Vats of yarn are filled with babies…


Some wander out across the lake on snowshoes…


It’s truly my favourite weekend of the year.

This year, my friends were sneaky.  Ron and I were presented with an early wedding present, several months in the making:


Now, I’ve been a part of several community blankets for various knit night friends.  Knitting squares or strips or rounds…part of many hands making something full of love and good wishes. The knitting is a very special experience, especially knowing that the blanket is going to another knitter who will truly appreciate the time and work gone into it.

But to get a dyer to UNKNOWINGLY dye the yarn for her own blanket?? To choose the colours right in front of her face, send a minion to order the yarn, get some of the colours custom dyed (and scrutinized to make sure the skeins were JUST RIGHT for that particular minion) and hand delivered in a Mission Impossible/Spy vs. Spy mash-up style exchange?? On top of the winding and knitting and sewing and transporting? That takes a level of espionage, sneakiness and full-throttle smart-assery of the highest order.  Well played my friends, well played.

You also have to love it that they also presented me with a “Making of…” video:


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