Holy Crap, THAT was a Year!

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2011 was the year that:

We almost doubled our original membership in the Smart-Ass Knitters/World Domination Club, with members in Canada, US, Scotland, France, New Zealand, Dubai, Australia, Greece and Israel.

I quit my day job and became, in the words of Stephanie, “fully yarned”.  I thought life would slow down a little.  It didn’t.

We applied to be a vendor at Sock Summit, and proceeded to dye all. the. yarn. We learned how to ship huge amounts of yarn across the border with the help of Buffy the Shipping Slayer.  And now we have a NAFTA performance art piece that we think nicely sums up what you need to know before doing the paperwork.

And then we WENT to Sock Summit and had our minds blown just a little bit:

Sock Summit Day 1Sock Summit Day 1After.Minion cousins!!!

We donated Otis Houndation funds to: Knitters Without Borders, The Art Hive, Food for Kids, Artists in the Schools, Winter Folk Camp and a few individual artists who needed a little help. (We’ve also put aside funds for our local food bank and other local charities to give them in February when donations are scarce)  If you’ve ever bought yarn from us or asked for your yarn to be wound, you’re part of those contributions and our effort to give back.  Thank you.

(We’ve noticed lately that when it comes time for Ron to wind yarn for the “Otis Houndation”, Mr. Wheaton himself staggers downstairs from his lair and plants himself firmly at Ron’s feet to supervise. Because he knows you’re worried about quality control.)

I had my first “fangirl” in the wild moment at Squam.  (Thanks Rosie!  Yep…still a little freaked out, but in the good way)

We were featured in Vogue Knitting’s Holiday edition (Made in Canada column).  Thanks Lee Ann!

Our yarn was used for designs for the first time in a book (Fresh Designs: Scarves) and a print magazine (Needle Pulling Thread – Festive 2011…Green scarf…page 40).

We were also reviewed and had our yarn used for a pattern in Knit Circus.

We held the Indigodragonfly Summer Knitalong of Doom. That clearly has shown no signs of stopping, as the Hat-along, Cowl-along, Wrap-along, Hand-along and the ongoing Fall-Winter KAL of Doom continue.  (join us. join us. join us.)

We visited Shall We Knit (where we camped out for a few days and learned the time honoured tradition of “licking the yarn” to claim it as yours. Do not do this in front of Anne Hanson…it’s just embarrassing for everyone.)

We worked with amazing designers, like:

Phillip and Mr. Grumm


http://www.flickr.com/photos/40483055@N00/5357051797/ (link to photo!)

Kim FINALLY published another pattern, Cliffs of Insanity:

Cliffs of Insanity scarf

(with classes coming soon, possibly to a LYS near you!)

The second annual Highlands Fibre Fling grew exponentially, from 8 in our first year to this:


(I lost count after 50)

We are incredibly touched that people travelled from Toronto, Ottawa, Peterborough and North Bay to come and spend the day with us. Flush with success, we’re planning a whole weekend of activities around the Fling for next Summer (August 18), so contact us for travel/accomodation information if you’re interested in coming in 2012.

And of course, Giftapalooza, one of the most fun ideas we’ve ever had.

This photo sums up how we feel right now:

Strung out on the sugar

2011. An incredible year. Thank you all for being part of it.

And hold on, cause 2012 is shaping up to be even better!


6 thoughts on “Holy Crap, THAT was a Year!

  1. I am thankful that I found the Smart Ass Knitters Club. I have laughed, cried and learned a lot from everyone and I am really looking forward to next year.

    Thanks Kim, Ron and Otis for inviting me in to the Indigodragonfly world.

  2. Congratulations for all you successes in 2011 (and for surviving 2011 (note the “Holy Crap” for summing up your year ^.^)) – and may 2012 bring you Everything you need, and Lots of what you want.

    Indigodragonfly (SmartAss Knitters Club, Giftapalooza, and your amazing yarns) helped make my 2011 (yes, even tho I only found you near the end of the year – it felt like a longer time, which is a compliment ^.^) – well, it was one big piece (very large piece) in an amazing puzzle that came together and helped make 2011 an incredible year for me, personally.

    So, thank you for being there, for being so incredibly talented, and for sharing your wonderful talent and your sense of humour with the rest of us.

    Here’s to the unknown, newly born 2012 !!!

  3. Kim, Ron, Otis: Congrats on a fantastic year! I’m so glad I was a (very small) part of it. Gosh, I love your yarns, your yarn names, and being part of the Indi community on Rav.

    Yay! Happy new year.

  4. My pleasure! Although I can’t believe I was the first. Thank-you for making our little North Bay crew so welcome at the Fling.
    Cheers to many more WOW! years!

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