All is Calm; or, What Happens to the Squirrels When They See Your Tree…

Putting up a Christmas tree is one of my favourite holiday traditions.  When I was little, we used to drive FOREVER (or, you know, from North York to Markham, which in reality is less than 15 minutes) to a tree farm to cut our own tree.

As an adult living alone, I got out of the habit. And I missed it.  The smell is one of my favourite things in the world, and I swear the room with the tree in it is the warmest in the house.

When Ron and I moved in together, I made noises about a tree and he made noises about not having a tree. And then one day he arrived home from work, walked in the door, got a call on his phone and walked out again. Ron is not unknown for his quirky behaviour, so I went back to whatever I was doing until he popped in the door with a tree.

This is our sixth Christmas together, and really the first one where I’m fully realizing we have traditions.  Our own traditions.

Now we go out into our “backyard” to get our tree.


And even though we get what we THINK is a “shorter” tree, it ends up being too tall to fit into any photo. But hey, we have a two storey ceiling in our living room…why not use it?

We have the traditional ornaments that we both brought into the relationship:


Including ones stitched by my Dad:

And then the not-so-traditional ones:

Remind you of anyone?

And new additions this year:
(note the highlighter)

Then look up. Look wayyyyyy up…

Yes. That’s right. Our tree is topped (or as close as we could get to the top…the ladder wouldn’t reach) with a very familiar unicorn head.

Happy Holidays to you and yours from all of us at Indigodragonfly.


8 thoughts on “All is Calm; or, What Happens to the Squirrels When They See Your Tree…

  1. You two are insane.

    That is all.

    Actually – no, it’s not all. Merry Christmas to you both, and to Otis as well. May this year bring more success and happiness, and less insanity of the crazy-making sort.

  2. Your tree is hilarious. And, oh god, I totally have that pink rubber fish as a soap dish in my bathroom.

    Merry Christmas to all three of you, enjoy the holidays!

  3. Its a wonderful tree Kim. This is the first year ever that we haven’t had a tree and I miss it a lot. We also have a group of penguins, firefighters and cross stitch ornaments that Kev has done.

    Merry Christmas to both of you and to Otis, thankyou for everything this year.

  4. What a wonderful tree. I agree, there’s something about having a tree in the house that finally makes it feel like Christmas.

    And ours is full of non-traditional things as well. I think maybe it’s part of being weird? Hope your family has a restful holiday.

  5. Thank you for sharing your tree story – you tell it so well 🙂
    Your tree is beautiful – and tall – and very well decorated !
    I hope you 3 (of course Otis is included) have a wonderful Holiday 🙂
    …and I hope the New Year brings you everything you need, and lots of what you want…
    Now, please go enjoy your HO HO HO…

  6. Such fun, I love looking at other people’s ornaments – it’s such a personal, fascinating thing…

    Merry Christmas to you all!

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