Fun Thing #38: Smart-Ass Knitters Club Single Gift Memberships; also, Holiday Hours Of Operation

Holiday Hours Of Operation:

Wednesday December 21 is our last day of regular operation for 2011. We will be closed from Thursday December 22 to Friday January 13, 2012, re-opening the order desk on Saturday January 14 and the Dye Studio on Monday January 16. We will still be available to process emailed Gift Certificates intended as Christmas gifts until 12 noon EST on Saturday December 24, as we can still do these in our polar bear jammies as long as we have a computer and The Internets. Also, we will take care of yarn orders on a limited basis for the just-released La Toupie triangular double-knit shawl by Anna Dalvi: 

It’s time for a break…and a KitKat just ain’t gonna cut it!


Okay, now on to the next Item O’ Business!!!


We offer Gift Certificates. $10, $50, $300, whatever works.

A few days ago, we got to thinking, what would be more fun than a straightforward dollar amount??

The Answer: Smart-Ass Club Single Memberships!!!

Okay, here’s how it works: 

Step 1: Find a Deserving Giftee.

Step 2: Find out where said Giftee lives.

Step 3: Push the appropriate sales link.

Step 4: Pat yourself on the back for a Good Deed well done!

Now, one of the fun parts of this idea is that the Giftee gets to choose which date of the Smart-Ass Knitters Club they can use their Certificate for, as long as the date is sent to us by a given date. It’s also fun in that the Giftee has no idea what the club shipment is going to be, and if the Giftee is not one of our regular customers, it’s a fun introduction to the Woolly World that is Indigodragonfly. Financially, it’s also a viable option for someone who’s interested in the Club but might not be necessarily able to afford the long-term commitment. And finally, we can accommodate most fibre allergies if the Smart-Ass Knitters Nut-Free option is requested.

Okay, Dates in Question. Here’s the Shipping Dates for the Smart-Ass Knitters Club for 2012:

February 15, 2012  (Redemption Deadline: January 15, 2012)

April 15, 2012  (Redemption Deadline: March 15, 2012)

June 15, 2012  (Redemption Deadline: May 15, 2012)

August 15, 2012  (Redemption Deadline: July 15, 2012)

October 15, 2012  (Redemption Deadline: September 15, 2012)

December 15, 2012  (Redemption Deadline: November 15, 2012)

Okay, so the Giftee has their Certificate. Good! What they need to do to use it is to email us and give us at least one month advance notice for the month they want to use it, so we know for sure how many club skeins and pieces of club swag to order. For instance, if the Giftee wants to redeem their Certificate to use for the February 15 club shipment, they need to inform us by January 15. On the flipside, say they want to use the Certificate for the December 15 shipment, they can let us know any time between the date they get the Certificate right up until November 15.

Makes Sense?

Price!  The price of the Club is $50.  Appropriate taxes (Canadian certificates only; HST or GST, depending on your province) and shipping costs will be added at checkout

Okay, so here’s the Sales Links!  :



United States


As you’re paying, please let us know who the recipient of the Gift Certificate is (even if it’s for yourself!) and if there are any allergy issues in the “Note to Seller” (that’d be us!) section. We will email the Certificate to you within 24 – 48 hours of payment. If you want to buy a certificate for someone NOT in your region/country, choose the button for where the Giftee lives, not where you live!

Smart-Ass Knitters Club Single Gift Memberships – Way cooler than a Lottery Ticket!!!


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