Random Wednesday…

1. It’s Wednesday.  But really Tuesday for us. And tomorrow’s a holiday for those of you in the US (Happy Thanksgiving!) so I keep reading excited “only a few more hours!” posts and get very confused because, well, I see a lot of pots lined up and boxes of undyed yarn…

2.  The boxes of undyed yarn are making it difficult to get into our bathroom. We should do something about that, but that would also mean dragging the boxes to the basement and then dragging them back up a day later when we need them. So we have a permanent box fort in our living room.

3. As well as a yarn fort. I really should be more excited about that, I know.  But since it’s Club yarn and will be leaving in a few weeks, I’m trying not to get too attached.

4. The most adorable of designers is finishing up the pattern for Holiday Giftapalooza and I really couldn’t be more excited. It’s really beautiful.

5. Speaking of the Giftapalooza, the Mystery Goodies are starting to arrive, which is also very exciting. As for the yarn, I haven’t completely decided whether you can have it. I’m in love.  And I see a LOT of yarn come through this door.

7. Over the next few days we’re going to start splitting up the the Giftapalooza list and matching everyone up.  Low stress, I promise, but since the gift will be coming from YOU, we want to give you a chance to put your stamp on it.  We’ll be matching people up right up until sign ups end (Dec 1 for outside Ontario; Dec 10 for Ontario), but if you want to be part of the BIG group of swappers and are waiting to sign up, send me a quick email and let me know you will be signing up so I can put you on our list.

8. Otis is upstairs. Clearly he doesn’t understand his role.

9. Then again, we found this the other day:

He appears to be lacking references.  So, if you feel so inclined, there are the comments…


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