Victory Lip Sync For Your Lives!

And we’re done!

The final answer:

The yellow shawl in the middle of the photo is being knit with MCN Lace in What the Hay?!, 3 skeins

Anna is tall and statuesque…she makes some BIG shawls!  Can’t wait to see this one finished.

The following people (listed in order) posted the correct answer on one of the 2 Contest posts, after I wrote yesterday’s post at 3:59 pm Eastern:

  1. Anastasia
  2. etcgirl

(First answers only! But kudos to BettyBJ and Heatherly for their staunch dedication to keeping me on my comment toes!)

Normally at this point we would conscript Otis into choosing the winner in his own adorable way (opening “presents” is really his only good trick), but he is snoring. So….the Random Number Generator says…


Congratulations.  Check your email.

Thanks for playing along everyone!


4 thoughts on “Victory Lip Sync For Your Lives!

  1. I am just happy to be nominated. It’s such an honour. I have to thank Ms. Dowhaniuk my Kindergarten teacher who taught me colours, Dr. Seuss who taught me R-E-D 1-2-3, and my rear view mirror which taught me that thinks are often larger than they appear. Hi Mum!

  2. That was fun – so glad I finally figured out that there was a contest…down lower on the page… kept getting distracted clicking on the yarn and drooling over all of the yarns (kinda like…. “squirrel ?” sigh…)… But, I did finally realize there was a contest on the “second chance” day… so, Thank you Kim 🙂 (now I know how it feels to be in one of your contests… whew… one down !).

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